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    Next KH game pst and present.

    Everyone's been debating on wether the next KH game and the secret ending is in the past or future. i say it's both. u've already read the part of nomura stating that the secret ending is from the past but it can also be said to be the future. what' i'm thinking is that the game will be played...
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    Deep Dive

    I dunno if this has been posted yet but... Y is it in deep dive that when Riku catches Roxas's keyblade, (oblivion), Roxas still weidled 2 keyblades? i found that odd.
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    keychainless keyblades

    Everyone's come up with a theory about the keyblades and the keychains. here's mine: Those who weild the keyblades with the keychains are the keyblades which are in power of that realm. by this i meant that the keyblades held by riku, mickey, and sora, are the main keyblades of light...
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    Broken keyblade

    Ok there's been a lot of people saying that ven's keyblade was not a real keyblade cuz it broke in the secret ending. Well, my theory is that it is. cuz the keyblades strenght is measureed by the heart rite? so what if when Ven was caught and frozen, his heart just broke down, like he just gave...
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    Divide self on will? (spoiler)

    is it possible that the UEM has the ability to divide himself to a heartless and nobody on his own will? and then he can reunite on his own will? maybe he is xehanort after his body came back together. after his body returned to normal he found a way to divide himself in 2 on his own will and...
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    strength of a heartless. may contain spoilers for those who hasn't finished KH1

    I was wondering. u know how sora turned into a shadow when riku turned him into a heartless? why did he become such a weak heartless? his nobody (Roxas) was strong. and I've seen amany tiems in the game where Org 13 mebers or other bosses state that (insert name here) would be a powerfull...
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    When and how did Riku become a weilder of the keyblade?

    man I'm wondering. when exactly did Riku have the power to hold the keyblade? and howw does one obtain one? i mean. we didn't see riku hold a keyblade until he took sora's in KH1. and after he lost it again he made one apear through ansem. I'm just confused. does this mean that anyone can be a...
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    new theory

    I'm new and i might not post as much but I've been reading the posts here lately and I came up with a small theory. I wonder if the 3 soldiers and the UEM are another form of beings from the process of the whole nobody and heartless thing. this is because the nobodies and heartless don't have...