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  1. GreyouTT

    People already having fun with Photo Mode.

    This one has me (and Xion) dying:
  2. GreyouTT

    Some stuff with Secret Report 12

    I hadn't thought about this when reading them originally, and reading them to figure out something in a completely different topic led to this. This kinda got me thinking: What worldline is Luxu referring to in the first sentence? Is it just an example or has he peeked into other ones? He...
  3. GreyouTT

    How do you think Disney will fit into the next game?

    With the next game taking place in the Shinjuku/Shibuya areas, there doesn't seem to be room for much Disney stuff. Will it be a game without Disney worlds? Will there be a clever way to include it? Or is it just the one world with the boys moving onto another like DDD? IMO, I think we'll have...