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    What i know (SPOILERS)

    1.the secret video occurs in the past. evidence-in a cutscene from final mix+ xemnas is seen in the room of awakening. in this room is the female knights armour and keyblade. trust me, its her keyblade i check that out numerous times. how could her keyblade and armour be there if the video...
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    Clerks 2

    its been a long time coming, this one i in color though, its gets away from the original feel of clerks
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    Fireworks Hahahahah

    in the spirit of fourth of july and the pursuit of burning the local golf course to the ground, i come to you with this thread about which you say your favorite firework. if you dont have one then, thats cool too, but youve missed a large portion of you life. my personal favorite is roman...
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    Evil Light

    since it was stated that darkness can be used for good or evil, isnt it true that light could aslo be used for evil.
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    Memories of Xehanort is featured in the screen on the secret vid. during the last battle at the end of the game sora was asking Xemnas if he remebered the other emotions besides anger and hate. Xemnas said," In fact, i don't." this seemed to me that he not only answered soras question but also...
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    Real debates

    why are there no REAL debates on the DEBATE forum. all we have is this guy vs. this guy.
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    Quotes game

    heres a fun little game. to start off i name i quote from a movie and whoever guesses it gets to put the next quote. ill start off with an easy one. "Me and her got it on! No, no you didnt. Actually it was a friend of mine... No, no he didnt. Well... you can imagine what it would be like if...
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    Jackass 2

    seriously get hyped, the whole gang is back and i cant wait. knoxville is probably gonna get killed, ahahahaha. jackass 2 this summer
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    does anyone else watch the medical show with the worlds most disgruntaled doctor? i enjoy it emmencely
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    Old Animes

    whats everyones favorite anime that that they watched when they were younger but they havent seen in a while. mine was definately Outlaw Star
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    Rikus New Threads

    who else thought that rikus new clothes that he was wearing under his organization coat were kind of butt awful. he shouldve kept that coat on.
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    The Wheel of Time

    does anyone read robert jordans the wheel of time. its an excellent series. too bad it takes him about five years to write i book, i hope he finishes it before he dies.
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    Saix's cryptic comment

    Before or after your fight with Saix (whose voice was Jin, my fav. character from samuria champloo) he mentions something about sora being better than the last one. by this i assume he meant keyblade masters. taking that he acts as second in control it can be assumed that he is older that...