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    Taaaa Daaa! I'm Back!!!

    hey idk if everyone remembers me i haven't been on here since right after christmasi had alot of very close buddies though so just holla if you do remember me!!!! i got really tied up with school stuff and friends and i had a blast but i missed everybody here too!!!!! But school is done now...
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    wasn't sure where to put this but.......

    does anyone know where i can get the kingdom hearts wall calendar???? my parents tried to get me one for christmas but it was a little one and they have no idea where to get a wall one lol. thanks for your help!!!!!
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    Inuyasha and Full metal alchemist movies

    gi does anyone of a site where i can watch inuyasha and full metal alchemist movies for free without downloading them????
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    Well.....that was dumb

    I was warned..i knew it was coming...but i had no idea that it would SUCK SO BAD!!!! I'm reffering to the Inuyasha finale. Now people had told me that the show ended without a conclusion...but i thought it would just stop suddenly you know like it was canceled but nooooo they did this dumb last...
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    KHII Soundtrack

    I was just curious if anyone else who has the soundtrack for KHII and actually listens to it. Besides Passion i hardly ever listened to it until the other day i started listening to it as i did my homework. ^^ So what about you all????
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    .........Trylex F.a.n.c.l.u.b.........

    My totally awesome dots obesssed buddy needs his own fanclub so voila!!! (thats probably not how you spell it.......) Members: Hikari713 Lycian Wolfe shadow_heartless keybladeofsteel
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    *The qwe fanclub!*

    Yo peeps qwe is my totally awesome favorite buddy so i decided to make him a fanclub please join you don't have to be his buddy to join!!!! Members: Hikari713 Laxtory Samantha16 SORA RULEZ!!!! Eliza keybladeofsteel Neo sammas foreverkingdom Soraschaser555 neloangelo
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    ~*~foreverkingdom Fanclub!~*~

    Yo peeps foreverkingdom is one of my best friends on here so I decided to make her a fanclub!!! Members: Hikari713 keybladeofsteel Endless Flames SORA RULEZ!!!! Frozen Fate Angelsinflight Xugoh The Chosen Key twilight knight16 gunblade_girl08 Xidon Squall bwak Ultima-Sora Samantha16 iloveyou502...
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    Bleach pics

    Does anyone know a site where i can see pics of bleach from actual episodes?? I need them for a new sig
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    Brady Games strategy guide

    Did anyone else get this guide for KHII and then it fell apart??? It happened to us and we didn't mistreat it at all the pages just started falling out! :cursing:
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    Fanfiction ► Blizz Fate

    Hi everyone this is my first fanfic so i'm a bit nervous about it it starts off right at the end of KHII but i don't think it will end up having much to do with the chasers and that part of the story. So plz comment!!! Chapter 1: Too peaceful of a day. Kairi held the bottle in her hand. Sora...
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    Favorite Candy?

    A bit random maybe but this is the fave section!! My fave candy would have to be Skittles!
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    !~3 Questions~!

    Okay here is what you do i'll start by asking three completely random questions (Please nothing to personal) and then the person below me can awnser them and then put three new questions pretty simple. 1.What's your favorite animal? 2.What's the last thing you ate? 3.Fav TV show?
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    Favorite Sport

    I don't know if this has been posted already but what is your fave sport?
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    Maleficent Dragon on Expert

    I don't know why since i've beat expert mode three times LOL but i can't seem to beat Maleficent dragon this time around.
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    Anybody wanna fill me in????

    Okay i've never watched any anime but last night i was bored and flippin channels and came across this show Bleach and i got pretty interested and it was an episode about this bird that had the soul of a boy in it that had seen his mothers murder and the after that i watched two episodes of this...
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    I just noticed something *SPOILERS*

    Okay before you read this PLEASE NO SPOILERS ABOUT KHII FINAL MIX bcuz i haven't played it yet Okay i was searching KH pics and i saw a pic from the KHII Secret Ending and it was this pic of the soldier standing in front of the defeated heartless well thats what everyone is calling it anyway...
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    First word

    I'm gonna start off by saying a word and say the first thing that comes to your head One word only please and try to do words that aren't too out there like for example: Hospital ,Mayonnaise Okay i'll start! This is my first game so be nice..... CLOCK
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    Twilight Town Struggle Battle?

    Any time I go to the sandlot if i talk to the struggle battle promoter he'll say a struggle battle is about to open but then he says i don't have enough experience to fight seifer yet i'm on lvl 85 does anyone know how much experience i need?
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    Alright well i'm on lvl 83 and i have glide and i'm having a bit of a hard time beating Sephiroth i can only hold 6 elixirs and i use trinity limit to take away his hp but when i run out of elixirs is when i usually die because i can't heal myself i know how to dodge and counter his other...