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    where are the mp3s on the main page ;_;

    plz tell me i need my amine music plz plz plz
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    ehhhhhh. freeverse

    I dunno lol. I like the alliteration used later in the poem. But that's me. It's a little jumpy... so whatever. --------------------------- P-p-p-pop The pop that won’t stop A pop that never flops And stays strong Gone baby gone Death. You can hear the person shut down Taste the embalming fluid...
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    hey kegluneq

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    HOLYFUCKURGENT: Subscriptions

    Hey guys, I'm curious as to how many users use the subscription feature in threads. :) thanks!
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    Dear Roxas963,

    Quit reviving old threads with shitty posts.
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    Drank: The Anti-Energy Drink

    New York - Adventures in Press Releases: The Anti-Energy Drink - Fork in the Road - Village Voice Drank Beverage | Slow Your Roll! I want to try this shit
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    zePROTV4_9o am i a bad person for loving this song
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    Glow in the Dark Paint

    I wasn't too sure where this belonged, so... I just had the idea to paint my drumsticks for a night parade my city will be hosting sometime in the near future. I'm looking for a glow in the dark green paint that will last a long time on a charge in light. I am not too sure where to buy this...
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    Chat is Screwing With Me

    I click chat, and I need to log in, as usual. But when I put my password and click login, I get "Unknown Error!" Just cleared my internet options. Still the same thing. :(
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    me singingin simpre and creanKINGDOM HEATS

    YouTube - Me singins Simple and Clean (Rock)(KINGDOM HEATS) gxSO6cKn6yA WHEN YOU WALK AWAYHAY
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    Man Brutally Beaten to Death

    Three 19-year olds, Viktor Sayenko (Виктор Саенко), Alexander Hanzha (Александр Ганжа) and Igor Suprunyuck (Игорь Супрунюк), also know as the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, killed about 21 people and recorded their murders. These murders were completely barbaric and involved blunt objects, such as...
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    Help/Support ► Always Paranoid

    Ever since I was little, I've always been terrified of the future and what can happen. I hate these little fears I have. And it's not things like death and old age. It's fear of stupid shit. It's fear of college, how I'll live life, my career, and things like that. I know they shouldn't really...
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    Hey Steve

    Nice avatar.
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    Type with your Elbows.

    lohgnhjasiurtrfernhjm, hju
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    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer

    Why am I remaking every damned thread?
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    You're Banned (REVISITED)

    . rofflewaffles
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    Last Letter Game

    The rules are pretty simple. One person types a word such as "chocolate" and the next person posts a word that begins with the last letter of the last poster's word such as "extravagant" Example: person 1- chocobo person 2- oblivion person 3- nobody and so on.... I've played this game somewhere...
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    Rate Avatar above you

    I think it lacks compassion.
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    CTRL-V Thread

    do it ▼US $5.4 billion (2008 Forbes)
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    teh burtal fancrub.

    oh hay dis be teh brutal fancrus yay2