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  1. Sora RE+Mixed

    Wii Virtual Console

    I just wanted to know if anybody has downloaded any good games recently in the virtual console.I only got the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Megaman 9. Id also like to remind the world that a few days ago on November.24.2008, The Legend of Zelda(the most amazing game ever) was released 10...
  2. Sora RE+Mixed

    Help/Support ► Please Help Me!

    When i was in the 7th grade, I asked this girl to the dance as a friend. However, i found out i wouldnt be goin becuase i had to babysit my brother. So now, im in the 10th grade. My spanish teacher loves to gossip, and today she brought up a topic of old relationships. Anyways someone told her...
  3. Sora RE+Mixed

    Gamplay Footage

    Most of you have probably seen this, but for those who havent heres a vid of birth by sleep gameplay. YouTube - kingdom hearts birth by sleep gameplay
  4. Sora RE+Mixed

    What wii game should i get?

    I was thinking of getting a wii game next weekend by i dunno which i should get. Can someone plz suggest good games to buy. Thanks!
  5. Sora RE+Mixed

    Help/Support ► Translations

    I have the world ends with you on an emulator, but it only works in Japanese. Can someone plz help me out...I NEED EVERYTHING. I feel cluless and i wanna beat this game badly. Thanks everyone
  6. Sora RE+Mixed

    No$gba Tech Help Needed

    I have the DS emulator No$gba, and i need help. I have been able to play the games , but i cannot save my games. I have Pokemoon Mystery Dungeon 2 ROM and i try to save but it says i fail.Plz help me
  7. Sora RE+Mixed

    Ultima Synthesis Items

    I know that there is already a how to get ultima keyblade guide. HOWEVER this is a list off all synthesis items needed to get the last Orichalcum+ in the game(get all synthesis items.)This gives you the item and which enemy to get it from. hope it helps.:thumbsup: Blazing Shard -- Hammer...
  8. Sora RE+Mixed

    Possible new keyblades?

    I just wanted to know what kind of keyblades do you guys think will be in the next installments. What would it look like and what would it do
  9. Sora RE+Mixed

    KH1 worlds in KHII?

    Do youbelive that some of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts one should have been in Kingdom Hearts , even as side extras. Includin Neverland, Deep Jungle, and Wonderland?
  10. Sora RE+Mixed

    rep Power????

    :confused:I was looking at post and saw this rep power thing. How does that work and can sombody plz explain it to me. Thnks
  11. Sora RE+Mixed

    Best Place to Read Manga

    I know that its annoying having to buy maga volumes or watchin the show, but i know a good wbsite where you can read most manga. Go to One Manga | Your online manga reader. Read free manga online. and there will be the chapters for most mangas including the latest ones. Hope this helps your...
  12. Sora RE+Mixed

    Coolest Organization XIII Boss Battle

    In Final Mix which boss battle would you say was the coolest/best. In my opinion it would have to be a 3 way tie between Xemnas, Larxene, and Marluxia.
  13. Sora RE+Mixed

    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    I would just like to know which boss battle you guys found most hard/ annoying. In my opinion the most annoying boss was the Luxord fight. The card and dice thing was annoying
  14. Sora RE+Mixed

    Your favorite Keyblade

    Hey everybody i was just hopin to know what was everybodys favorite keyblad. Personally mine is Sleeping Lion. If your not sure which is which here is a link to youtube, showing you them.YouTube - List of sora's keyblades from kingdom hearts 2 P.S. Im new and lookin for buddies