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    Which Character to chose?

    I was wondering which character I should chose. I think there are a few reasons for each person and eventually I'm going to play all of them but I can't decide which one and I want the best decision when I open the pacage.
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    A Question to fellow Christians.

    In present day People are making a lot of fun at Government officials. As a Question to fellow Christians (If there are any here): What should We be doing differently? I want to know what others think on this subject, and if you need help deciding look at 1 Peter 2:13-18.
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    Birth By Sleep Soundtrack

    I couldn't find it anywhere and I wondered if there will be a bbs soundtrack for North America.
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    I actually already introduced myself, but that was a while back and things have really changed so greatings I am Marcus.
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    What is your favorite version of the Bible?

    I wanted others opinion on this to see which version to get next. I myself prefer the king James for the old english or the greek new testament but I wanted others opinions.
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    Is it okay for Christians to read only commentarys and not the Bible?

    This is a question I got from one of my freinds, and I want to know what other people think. Is it okay for Christians to read the commentarys and not the Bible? I think probably no, but I wondered if anyone else thought otherwise.
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    Why would Christians play video games?

    This is a question I've been thinking about a lot lately. Why would christians play video games? If we do just continue to play video games all day long that is, in a scence, that much time we have wasted. And if we continue to play it but say people shouldn't play it does that make us...
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    Lit ► Inheritance cycle!

    Any one who loves the Eragon books Please post your ideas here! I have been reading them since they came out. I used to fall asleep hearing the guy reading the books. I think it's the best book series ever!
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    Good day to every one Im new to this site. I just started playing Kingdom Hearts and I think It's awsome. I only have 2 and the GBA version of Chain of Memeries, But I want to get all the others too eventually.