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  1. khobssed

    Is it possible to beat re:coded lv1?

    using chips or not using chips?
  2. khobssed

    KH 3D What world is this?

    The one in the green square
  3. khobssed

    Gametrailers re: coded review

    Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Video Game, Review | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com Not a very good score, but I will still buy it How did Days get a better score!
  4. khobssed

    Can someone explain me?

    why in the Ventus official PSP theme, the KKD appears?
  5. khobssed

    What is your least favorite KH game? and why?

    Or the one you hate. My least favorite is Re:CoM/CoM Because i don't get use to the card system and i'm bad at it What about yours?
  6. khobssed


    I am not new in here but i never introduce myself so Hello I am from mexico I love KH I started playing it like when i was 7 years old because it have disney characters, but now i don't care if they are in the game or not, but it will not be KH without Disney
  7. khobssed

    Can someone help me?

    I am replaying KH on expert and i can't beat Giant Ursula, can someone help me or give me tips?
  8. khobssed

    Is the anyone younger than me in this forums?

    I just want to know, because i haven't seen anyone of my age or younger. (Sorry if it is the wrong Forum)
  9. khobssed

    What is the difference between normal difficulty and expert?

    I'm starting to play kh1 and i want to know in what difficulty start playing
  10. khobssed

    Where is Ventus in Chain of memories?

    I been asking this since i see the final episode? Sorry if this is the wrong section
  11. khobssed

    Riku became a heartless? and if that is right, why he does not have a nobodie?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question.