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    Favorite re:Coded Keyblade & World and why?

    My fave keyblade is oathkeeper dont know why i just really like it and think its cool looking fave World Hollow Bastion like the music theme to it and like the enemys on the level?
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    Re:Coded secret ending

    Re: Coded secret ending nice thans for the link to get all the trophies
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    in recoded's ending...

    so Terra did pass on his Darkness to Riku?
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    How do you unlock the avatar sector

    anyone know if u can do tag mode with anyone over wifi connection or does the person have to be close to u like in the same room?
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    Re:Coded secret ending

    Re: Coded secret ending how do u get trophies can someone please pm me and tell me how?
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    How do you beat Cerberus and Hades ? (PLEASE HELP)

    what master aqua said btw on your team do u get Cloud,Hercules,and Sora? cause i beat the cerberus and hades fight with just sora and Hercules?
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    Birth By Sleep 'Special Edition'

    now how come US didnt get that really cool art book?
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    When did Terra Begin Feeling the darkness inside him

    I am wondering when did Terra start feeling the darkness inside his heart did it start beggining when braig Tied Up Master Xehenort if anyone could explain that would be great.
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    Which Character to chose?

    go with Terra First,Then Ventus,and last Aqua
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    do you think khbbs will be better???

    ehh i will have to see how BBS turns out but KHBBS comes in 3rd for me KH 1 first COM 2nd