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    My first Xion theory

    i recon xion is the same as roxas. in the relaitionship between roxas and sora, that sort of thing just between kairi and xion
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    hay i got an idea bout ven's and roxas's relationship

    this one is about souls. i recon that eother ven's soul was inside sora or that ven's soul was hangin around hollow bastion and got inside roxas. roxas=part of soras body and ven's soul (ven's soul formed the rest of his body) sora's heartless=soras heart and his soul (why he kept his sense of...
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    Just noticed something

    hes nomura he doesnt want a good villian to die think about sephiroth ^-^
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    question about KHII FM+ secret ending

    i think that he was still going through the ideas when he made the first secret movie and his ideas changed when he made the second
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    A new theory tell me what you think

    the first secret movie is connected to the second. the kh2 one continues with the final mix + one