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  1. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► Gen Kobayashi illustrates 13th anniversary artwork for The World Ends With You

    Oh my gosh my beautiful children <3 <3 <3 <3 I'll follow TWEWY news anywhere & forever
  2. DarkGrey Heroine

    Kingdom hearts characters who I've had a crush on

    I know I'm long inactive on the forums but: 1) sad that only Launchy replied to this classic topic; 2) despite my neverending fangirling about Vanitas, I had a legit crush on Sora, especially CoM Sora. And I mean especially CoM Sora. Too bad Nomura decided to un-write the time he matured in...
  3. DarkGrey Heroine

    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    Came back to share my own impressions and falling out of love situation, now that I finally got to play the game. I'm one of the (many, apparently) fans who are disappointed with it, even though I was an optimistic KH fan diving into this game with an open heart, as I wanted to accept the new...
  4. DarkGrey Heroine

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    This is the saddest thing that could've happened to this long-awaited game. I'm sad
  5. DarkGrey Heroine

    COM Gameplay Appreciation thread

    Played the GBA version and tbh I'm not really attracted to Re:CoM because I already find the GBA version so charming and well-made. I loved the gameplay, I loved the sprites, the animations were catchy and beautiful and I simply love pixel art in games, I'm oldschool like that With Sora, I could...
  6. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura discusses the potential of continuing The World Ends With You series

    That's literally the only one common problem in their DDD models, imo. But it's such a visual discomfort-inducing problem, that it makes the model as a whole look worse than it actually is. Neku's waist, Shiki's waist, Joshua's waist, but especially Shiki's - their waistlines are so short that...
  7. DarkGrey Heroine

    With or without an avatar?

    First of all, hello there~ Jumping right into the topic. I noticed a lot of users, mostly rather new users, don't upload an avatar for them to use on the forums, and honestly I just wondered why. Then again, why is something like an avatar necessary or unnecessary to you on the forums - is it a...
  8. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► The World Ends With You: Final Remix trailer features new content from A New Day

    I won't be able to get it, no Switch no nothing, but I'm already looking forward to the people who will stream gameplays and videos on the new content, let the TWEWY discussions start and let people hear its absolutely badass soundtrack once again!! <3 this aside, I couldn't really figure out...
  9. DarkGrey Heroine

    Screenshot of new area in Olympus shown in Extended Demo at Kaaboo Festival

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot of Olympus Leaked from KAABOO Festival Ah this is beautiful to see, I'd assume that statue is an in-game reference or maybe representation of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Statue of Zeus, said to be the work of Phidias, at Olympia. *edit* or...
  10. DarkGrey Heroine

    Eminem’s song “Good Guy” from his new album samples “Simple and Clean”

    Never would I have thought to see "Eminem" and "Simple and Clean" together in a thread title or sentence
  11. DarkGrey Heroine

    A little something about a few of the dream eaters names

    I always loved the names for this stuff going on with them xD quality level Moon Moon Their descriptions were also beautiful in many cases, like Drill Sye's: or Electricorn's Do electric unicorns dream of androids?
  12. DarkGrey Heroine

    Is BBS 0.2 so bad?

    I wouldn't compare 0.2 to DDD, not even a bit. 0.2 seemed to me like a "keep it simple" plot, with our usual KH terms, light vs darkness, crumbling bonds and really rigid dialogue. Visually, it blew my mind and KH has never been so directly beautiful. It was indeed very short, but I took it as...
  13. DarkGrey Heroine

    If you had to suffer one of the BBS's Fates.

    metaphorical comparisons are allowed to exist. this is the way of storytelling through art. if you were replying specifically to me, just let me be
  14. DarkGrey Heroine

    If you had to suffer one of the BBS's Fates.

    Fighting my dark side, self-sacrificing and maturely go through the consequences of these actions, even if that means prolonged comatose? I'd take this, though I am very well conscious of the actual burden of the situation and don't see it as lightly as some good years of sleepin' and, like Seph...
  15. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► Yen Press to release Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days The Novel in June 2018

    I didn't come here for my heart to get stabbed so quickly ; ^ ;
  16. DarkGrey Heroine

    What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts fandom?

    Hey there~ and well, the KH fandom is actually one of the nicest ones I've been in. And I've been in too many, unfortunately (in most cases). The best part in my eyes is definitely the theory/speculation aspect of the fandom, when it's concerned with story explanation, symbolic links...
  17. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► The World Ends With You -Final Remix- announced for the Nintendo Switch

    Re: The World Ends With You Final Remix announced for the Nintendo Switch This makes me slightly uncomfortable and creeps me out, but hey, so did the fantastic trailer I can't help but be curious........... but Sora being Ven's.......... ugh, that expression is really strange, is this "throat...
  18. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► The World Ends With You -Final Remix- announced for the Nintendo Switch

    Re: The World Ends With You Final Remix announced for the Nintendo Switch Oh, those were the times when I didn't even know about KH. Alright then, thank you!~ Speaking about grinding for pins, I kinda want to re-do the final battle on Ultimate, but it was ridiculously hard for me on the other...
  19. DarkGrey Heroine

    News ► The World Ends With You -Final Remix- announced for the Nintendo Switch

    Re: The World Ends With You Final Remix announced for the Nintendo Switch The Year of the Dog speculation is actually perfectly plausible. We didn't know a release date, but if it's indeed a dog and we won't find a different connection in the future, I think we can safely assume it was a hint...