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    Is it me or did the RP section disapear?

    Seriously, what happen to it? Why was it taken away? Someone want to tell me?
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    Kingdom of Light~ OOC/ SU

    Picture the brightess of kingdom surrounded by light and it's many elements. A kingdom that is ruled by a great ruler and defended by powerful knights. You are destined to protect your kingdom. The Kingdom of Light. Your parents though are regular shop owners or a farmer. You help them out, but...
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    Witch-Warlock School

    Your parents have been hidiing something from you. For all your life you thought you were a normal kid, but when things been happening to kids all over, parents finally admit that they are whicthes and warlocks. They decide that it's time for you to go and learn about your power. You go to a...
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    Profile Picture-- this is getting annoying, I know

    Ok, for as long as I rember, I've been trying to get a profile picture up. It still doesn't work. I asked a request shop to try resizing the image. I've tried resizing it myself. So can someone, tell me how they gor theirs on. Where I might have problems. Here's the picture I want...
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    The Light of Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts, a sign of protection, love, hope, life, and light. A thing that so many people wish to desire. The light of Kingdom Hearts, a holy power. A power that can be handed out to so many young and old people to weild it. The keyblade, a smaller piece of Kingdom Heart's light. There are...
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    The Night of the Living Dead-- A Halloween RP; OOC and SU

    Night of the Living Dead A Halloween RP-- Special for the Month of October and a little over... Have you ever wonder how Halloween originated? What exactly truely happens that expire people to dress up? Why we think about the dead on Halloween? It's for this reason people will discover this...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean A New Day... Su and OOC

    A New Day Sign Ups and Out of Character Jack and the gang was finally seperated. Time has been changing due to the start of the Revolutionary War. British had there hand full. Their still up for getting there hands on one special pirtae. Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Sparrow is so close to...
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    Mad School-- IC

    Mad School!! A new private school opened up near where you live. It is suposely going to be one of the best schools around. Little did you know it was a secret project for you teachers. All of the teachers at the school were mad scientists. Each taking a place in the world and slowly turning you...
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in North America thread. Yay, can't wait. If Re.COM is coming, maybe FM+ will. That would really make my day. Oh I can't wait!!!!
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    Listen my Children,

    We all know the famous tale of Paul Revere. On April 18 of 1779, hardly a man now alive. Just a group of teens and there story. The struggle and there stories of going to the past. This is a history RP. This RP is about a group of kids attending the Paul Revere Festival in Boston. These...
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    9-11 I'm a little late with this. This is a terrible day in history. Today, 7 years ago, the twin towers of New York City were attacked. I like us all to rember the lives of people who died and the people that risk there lives to try and save them. I would like you all to watch this video and...
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    If this was easy it be called this... Game!!

    I thought of this game after my band director. Here's how it works. You know how coachs for teams say your sport if it was easy it be this other sport nost of the time. Well in this game a sport, job, hobby, or anything with action in it is stated over a diffrent thing. For example... If the...
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    Cyber Space

    Cyber Space Story--Science expierment gone bad. A group of students were working on a science project. The project was to be entered in the science fair in a month. It was a transporting devise. It could transfir people into a vertial world. The world was know as Cyber Space. When the students...
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    Advertise... If you have an RP you want to advertise bring it here!

    Advertise! Do you have a new RP waiting for people to join? Is it unknow to the members of the site? Are you looking for an RP that is just sign ups and not started? Are you looking to jump in an RP fast and easy? Well now you can do all of the following. In this thread, RP starters...
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    It really is nice shots of the images. High dfinition. Great find Riku-Keyblade.
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    Mad School- Sign Ups and Out of Character

    Mad School!! Sign ups and Out of Characters Still Accepting, don't be discouraged Your Story A new private school opened up near where you live. It is suposely going to be one of the best schools around. Little did you know it was a secret project for you teachers. All of the teachers at the...
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    Take Riku if you Can 2.0

    Hello again. Here is the "Take Riku if you Can 2.0". This is off the original. You should rember the rules. If you are new here is how you play the game... How to Play "Take Riku if you can 2.0" This is a game that does not end. It goes on and on. The idea is try to steal Riku from who ever...
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    You're Banned 3.0

    Hello everyone and welcome to You're Banned 3.0. If you played the other two versions you know how it goes. If not here is the general info. of this game... How to Play You're Banned You're Banned is a game where you ban the person above you. You can do it out of random or on topic, or really...
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    Help!! Piccolo Help!! Not Emotional! Just need advise quick!

    Ok I need help. Lot's of help! I have try outs on Mon. for an instrament hard to play, but fun to play. I can do it somewhat ok. I need an easy way to play the song Bravura easy on my piccolo. I need to have the following by mon... Bravura played very well Bravura memorized must be on the...
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    Could this be Shion/ Xion

    That's what I thought, Memorie. They could still use her.