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  1. Sora2016

    Error Support

    So, I've never really had super concerning errors with this game till today, so I hadn't really looked into who to send a message to. Basically, I tried to buy the weekly jewels deal through the app, Google Play accepted my money I think but then UX itself gave me an error message? So I dunno...
  2. Sora2016

    KH3D Screenshots + Voice Actor Confirmations!

    KH3D Screenshots + Voice Actor Confirmations! - Kingdom Hearts Insider
  3. Sora2016

    Re-joining Member!

    Hi, there! I had an account a few years ago, but since I have changed my email address and forgot my password. So I decided to make a new account instead! I also frequent the main site, as well as follow Khinsider on tumblr, twitter, and facebook already. It has been a while, and I am really...