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    Is RE:CoM worth...

    Importing? Pretty simple question really; I've just checked how much it'll cost me to import it and to allow my PS2 to play it. 77$.
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    KHIII to have online multiplayer?

    All Square Enix Games To Include Social, Multiplayer Gaming [Kotaku] Square Enix's Digital Future [Forbes]
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    A different ending?

    Is it possible that the West may get a different secret ending than Japan? (Obviously the whole Reconnect stuff will stay, but do you think we might get anything extra? For waiting so long ) Or has Nomura confirmed that this ain't the case? Also, has anyone at all found anything on someone...
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    Downloading BBS - Could I...

    Say it's January 9, 2010 right? Could one, theoretically, go onto a Japanese PSN account and legally download Birth by Sleep? Thus cutting out the shipping costs etc. I'm not doing it though 'cause a) I ain't fluent in the Japanese language. b) I want a physical copy & c) I don't have a PSP...
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    Voice acting in KH3 - Started?!

    Now, your probably thinking, from the headline that I'm a bit of a confused noob, or words to that effect. Anyway; Kotaku
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    Here's a selection of some graphics I have made using photoshop, I have others too:
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    I don't normally do this but...

    Hey, I'm new to the forum, on a couple of KH forums but to be fair, they aren't very busy so I decided to become a member of KHInsider :) VLR
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    Teenage Kicks

    A Kingdom Hearts Fan Fic, set in an AU, High School Blah-Blah. But, I'll put it out here now, It's not gonna be a 'happy story', with a 'happy ending'. I'm going to write an actual Kingdom Hearts story soon, With the Heartless and the Keyblading and the bleyeh... [/Frink] So, Click here...