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    I need some plot ideas please!!!

    So I'm trying to get back into my writing groove but seem to be unable to get past my wall. :/ I'm looking to write a new story, preferably horror but open to other genres, but having a hard time thinking of a plot to work off of that isn't totally generic and not really overused. So if anyone...
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    Boot Camp in 6 days....

    Hey KHI :) Most of you probably don't know me, but i just wanted to say I will be sadly gone from this site for 8 weeks due to boot camp for the Navy. So i just wanted to say goodbye and see you guys soon. Also if anyone else has gone and has some advice, it would be much appreciated. Kinda...
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    Eddie Loves You! :)) (watch this :) )

    I saw this movie like 5 years back at the annual indy horror festival and it is a must see :) here is a synopsis; During a weekend alone, a man has a clear out of his old toys and throws the ripped Eddie into the bin. During the night Eddie is returned to him boxed on his doorstep. Is someone...
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    The Faeries of Blackheath Woods

    The meanest and coolest faeries ever :)http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b11962_faeries_of_blackheath_woods.html
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    Mr. Bubbs :)

    I found this short film, watching others as i usually do and fell in love with it. Tell me what you think :)http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b12812_mr_bubbs.html
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    PS3 Game Share anyone?

    I am quite bored at the moment and want to know if anyone wants to do a game share. I dont have much, just PS1 Classics. The classics are, Spyro the Dragon, Tomb Raider 3, Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy IX. If interested let me know what you have too :) The main thing...
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    PSN Ids

    Well since i just got my PS3 and am lacking on the friends department, i thought i would ask the good people of KHI if they would want to be friends :) So if you want to be my friend let me know :) My PSN ID is EvilDead77. Thanks :)
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    What to get?

    I just got my PS3! :) I now have Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, Mod Nation Racers, Uncharted, and Silent Hill Homecoming. What else do you guys recommend?
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    Diablo 2

    Does anyone here play Diablo 2?
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    Burger King or McDonalds? (This is why you're fat.)

    I am doing a project for my AP Statistics class and want to know what you prefer. Burger King or McDonalds? Thanks in advance :)
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    Dual Wield Roxas

    I read somewhere you can use duel wield Roxas. Is this true or am i making it up? Thanks :)
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    Fiesta anyone?

    Anyone play this game? I just got back into playing it :) If so, what realm are you in?
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    Colored text help

    How do you make your text in posts different colors? I see it alot and was wondering how you do it. Help please
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    Should I buy 358/2? or borrow it for 3 days?

    I am debating buying 358/2 days. Should i buy it or just borrow it? What are some good points to getting it. And how many hours gameplay is there?(Getting 100%) and are there any side quests?
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    Dead Like Me

    A college dropout, Georgia "George" Lass is killed by a toilet seat that falls from the MIR space station on her first day at a temp agency. Upon death, she is recruited for a team of grim reapers - undead who mix among the and take people's souls just before they die. Along with fellow team...
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    TV ► Dexter - on right fucking now

    Ok I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this. Over the last week I've managed to watch the first 2 seasons if Dexter which in my opinion is the best show ever. So let's discuss everyones favorite serial killer :) Use spoiler boxes please lol
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    Silent Hill-Escalation

    "Beep.Beep.Beep" the annoying,persistant beepin of his alrm clock woke Nathan from his heavy slumber. He checks his phone. "One New Message" it read. He checked who it was from. Tyler. He opened the text and it read,"Hey i just got back from The Amityville House of Horrors. Beat that!" Nathan...
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    Lit ► The Vampire Chronicles

    The Vampire Chronicles is a 10 book series detailing the life(or after life lol) of vampires and how they deal with their immortality. They all have the same characters, which is nice and all of them revolve mainly on the the vampire Lestat, who in my opinion is the greatest literary character...
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    Golden Globes

    Anyone else watch? I was thoroughly disappointed at some of the winners. Cameron over Tarantino for best director and best film I mean come on. Tarantino is a literary god and all Cameron is good at are special effects, which don't get me wrong are phenomenal but he just doesn't have the same...
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    Survivor Heroes vs Villains

    YAY! 1 more month until what will probably be the best season. I can even wait. All my favorite people are back and ready to kick ass! Rupert, Russell,Coach(yes i know i like Coach), Parvati, James, and Tyson too. What do you guys think and who do you like