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  1. C

    which game do you think is more fun?

    hmm ya know thats kinda hard but ide say KH2FM+ was better cuz of all the new stuff and with the new secret ending so yeha thats my opinion
  2. C

    I'm about to finish KH and...

    ide say it is kinda needed sinc youll be wondering sum things at the beggining of KH2 like....well i wont spoil it but in my opinion ts kinda needed but do what ya got to do^_^
  3. C

    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    his second form was easy his first was pretty tought and he got beat by sora cause the good guy always wins for sum unknown reason
  4. C

    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    Marluxia is the truly awsome one:cool: axel is second marluxia+scythe+awsome transformations=PWNAGE!
  5. C

    Most fun boss to fight?

    hmmmm my fav battles wud be kh1 sephiroth kh2 saix CoM marluxia1 and i dont have the remixed onesT.T and hi
  6. C

    Isn't Marluxia amazing!?

    marluxia my fav of ALL KH characters^_^ and especialy his scythe so coool but yeah he shudve been tougher in CoM i wish i had mar hair(cept pink)
  7. C

    Most hated Organization Member

    my fav is marluxia most hated is axel and roxas