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    A scan that caught my eye

    I found this scan on some blog, it looks like a square game and looks like something for DS, but I'm not sure, if anybody knows the name or can read a little but of japanese, it would be appreciated.
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    I can't read Japanese, but there is enough info here to imply another party, seems like it's going to be held and August AND LOOK, goldmine, KH is going to be there! SQUARE ENIX presents DKΣ3713 Private Party 2008 | SQUARE ENIX
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    Doing a Level 1 Series

    Well, if some of you remember me, I am the guy that started Magic Only on youtube. Now I'm back and I am trying out Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + on Lv.1. I am halfway through the game so far and have a nice bit of videos up. It might not be as perfect as Apulapul, but I'm hanging in there, and...
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    Kingdom Hearts R *Hypothetical*

    This is just a hypothetical thing, i seriously doubt SE would consider it. What if SE took Kingdom Hearts 1 and put in KH2 format? For example, Sora performs faster combos, has multiple limits equipped, 4 shortcuts instead of 3, the re-mastered HP bars for sora and enemies and MP Charge Bar...
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    Show me the money

    Okay, once question, if 358/2 Days for the DS in Japan is supposed to realease in a few months (Summer 2008) shouldn't there be more scans in magazines about it, or at least a video of gameplay footage by now (besides that 3 seconds video of Roxas beating the crap out of a shadow). I haven't...
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    IT HAS BEEN DONE! Terra defeated using magic only

    YouTube - KH2FM Terra Battle (Magic Only Rules) Please read the side before commenting, it explains all the rules of the Magic Only Challenge. It took a lot of thunder spamming here, and even though it looks easy, it was actually, by far the hardest of my Magic Only Battles.. Enjoy!
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    Figure in screenshot of ven

    In this image, there is a shadow of a figure, the hair sort of resembles Riku, I'm not saying it's him. I don't think it's Terra either, because the figure's arms look too skinny, Terra is more built.
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    Magic only challenge (Data, ES, Cups)

    I don't see any of these done on youtube, and I was wondering if they were possible. No attacking at all (Reaction Commands do count as an attack, no limits either). I mean only for the data battles, terra, and the underworld cups. Who thinks I should do it?
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    Battle System Theory [BBS]

    Ok, from seeing the famitsu screens from JF 08. I was looking at the gameplay screens for Terra, and I think I figured out, possibly, what the battle system is like. If you notice on his command menu, there is 4 commands. I also see Triangle and O. Maybe, you learn a whole set of abilities, and...
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    My Youtube Page

    Hey people, I just made a youtube page and I am uploading some gameplay vids of Kingdom Hearts and other games. So please, visit, comment and rate. I have two KH videos so far :thumbsup: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    Lv.1 Playthrough

    I just have a question about playing though the game on level one...how do I learn scan? Do I get it from an event battle?
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    Top 5 favorite Boss/Battle Themes

    What is your favorite battle/boss theme in kingdom hearts. It can be any one from KH1,KH1FM, KH:RECOM, KH2, KH2FM. 1) Lord of the Castle RECOM 2) The Encounter KH2 3) Fragments of Sorrow KH1 4) Disappeared KH1FM (NOT THE KH2 VERSION) 5) The Other Promise KH2FM+ (Forget the 13th Struggle XD)
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    FFVII not working...please help

    Ok, well I decided to replay my FFVII. So I got to the part in Rocket town where I just beat palmer, and cloud and cid escape on the tiny bronco into the ocean. As soon as it crashes into the ocean, my PS2 makes a funny sound then the game freezes. This didn't happen on my first play through...
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    Top 10 Game Soundtracks

    What is your top 10? 1 is the best 10) Pokemon (GSC, DP) 9) Star Ocean 3 8) Super Mario Bros. (Series) 7) Kingdom Hearts (Series) 6) Okami 5) Legend of Zelda (Series) 4) Final Fantasy (Series) 3) Halo (Series) 2) Persona 3 1) Katamari (Series)
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    Help with Mushrooms [Items]

    Okay, I have been trying for hours now, and I am wondering how to get Unlimited Mushroom and Premium Mushroom. (The two most powerful weapons that can be dropped from the Mushroom XIII)
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    AARRRRGGGG, Material Collecting

    Well, I have decied to make Sora some Buster Bangles in KH2, but I was looking for Materials. One of the Materials, which is the only one I need can be synthesized as well. One of the Materials to make a Mythril Stone is a dense stone. Which is supposed to be dropped by Snipers. I have covered...
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    Connections with Summons and Future Worlds

    I just had an idea. Summons are creatures that used to have a world, but then it was destroyed by the Heartless, then restored again after Sora defeats the heartless. Maybe this hints that when you get a summon, you can expect to go to their world in the next KH game. For example, three summons...
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    Level Up Limit Form

    I justy got limit form in KH2:FM+ and I wanted to know how you level up and get experience in this form. It look spretty simple since it only takes 3 EXP to level up, but how do you do it?
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    Help with Zexion

    I finally decided to start Critical Mode in KH2:FM+. I got to the Zexion in the Underworld. What I want to know is when you go into the book world for the second or third time, he makes this explosion that KO's me all the time as soon as you get in there. How can I avoid it?
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    Cheats using Wi-Fi

    I wanna know others opinion on this, but I think it would be better that since the DS can connect to wireless internet using Wi-Fi, cheat sysems like Gameshark, Action Replay, and Codebreaker, should allow you to download cheats for a very small price using Wi-Fi to put on to your game? I don't...