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    Open Challenge to all members: OOC Thread

    Post all discussion on this topic in here
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    Ongoing Battle With Jopari

    I finally managed to finish my Rework on my Rikken Character..... and i've decide that since Jopari was my first challenger with him... i have decided that he should be privileged to fight his reworked form. Name: Rikken Ominous Alias: "The Iron Clad Alchemist" Age: 25 Appearance: His new...
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    Open Challenge to All members

    Hey everyone.......looking for a few....."victims".....to test out my updated Alchemist..... i am hoping to try between two and five people..... and i would hope that one of the top members of this forum *cough Zetsumi cough LOC cough* would be interested in having a battle....i need to balance...
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    Melee Battle ~ Open Challenge

    Just thought i'd start a melee battle to test out this new character i made, so here goes: Name: Rikken Alexander Lyna Age: 19 Appearance: Rikken is slightly taller then average, standing a few centimetres above most. He is thin, and well-muscled, and it's obvious he works to maintain his...
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    Trying out new Character (open)

    Ok, i know everyone thinks guns are overated but i have recently adopted a new style that puts a whole new spin on gun combat, no longer are guns restrained by speed and distance but by travel though planes and dimensions. so therefore i would like to challenge people to help try my new...
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    Zetsumi V's Vash

    Hey, i was wondering if i could challenge the mighty Zetsumi to a battle if he would not consider it a waste of his time Name: Tundra Gender: Male Age: Age unknown. Appearance: Race:human Home World: has none. Personality: because of his bitter childhood, he trusts no one but himself. He is...
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    Romance Rp

    just decided to start a romance Rp rules: Rating: no restriction, can have swering as long as it's edited... high school romance theme can have fights (only fists no swords or guns) if you want them as well as grudges again only if you want them PM me if you have any questions and...
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    worst anime you have ever known

    ever had one of those anime shows you really hate post your thoughts here
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    who's your fav female character

    who everybody's fav female character?
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    who's your fav female character?

    who's everybody's fav female character?
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    who's your fav male character?

    just wanting to know people's favourite characters
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    Need a hand?

    hi anyone who is viewing this thread if you have any questions about where things are on the forums then don't hesitate to post or PM me i may not have many posts but i know where things are:D :D :D
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    need a hand?

    hi whoever is reading this site if you have any questions about where things are ask me or PM me and i'll help you i may not have many posts but i do know where things are:D
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    locations of trinities---Urgent

    please i am trying to find the locations of trinities so if any of u guys know where they all are that would be great thanks, vash the stampede