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  1. EliDZ

    The difference between links and summons.

    Obviously that would be a technical reason outside of the game. I'm referring to a reason you can see in game that explains this. this would be a business decision that would cause a creative decision to be made. In away your still saying what I am. The reason they appear that way is because the...
  2. EliDZ

    The difference between links and summons.

    Here's is an explanation for why Summons aren't in KH3. You can read it or the bottom is a link to my video in which I read the explanation and provide visual aide. SO in each main Kingdom Hearts game we have Summons, well actually in KH3 we have links. What’s up with that? Did Nomura one day...
  3. EliDZ

    Did you know that there is a realm of nothing?

    It goes even beyond just that. You can find elsewhere like the secret reports of ansem. Also I noticed you can link realm of nothing to the realm of sleep. There is a ton of detail in my video essay.
  4. EliDZ


    After releasing my videos I've made a new friend. My video Deep Dive: Case Xemnas inspired iamoncewas to draw again so they drew this for me.
  5. EliDZ

    What did you think of nobodies being able to grow hearts? as well as your opinion on Xemnas's "True" goal being to turn the Org into Xehanorts?

    Do you mean Just Xehanort or him and his others(ansem & xemnas). What was it about Xehanort that you previously liked that faded away? And did it change how you looked at Xemnas as well? Thanks for the feedback, I always excited to here other peoples perspectives.
  6. EliDZ

    Hey, sorry I'm so late with my response. I read your response to my thread. You're very...

    Hey, sorry I'm so late with my response. I read your response to my thread. You're very passionate about KH and that's the exact type of people I'm trying to connect with. I turned my passion into a project. I made a video essay that is over an hour long. It goes over what Xemnas's true goal was...
  7. EliDZ

    Did you know that there is a realm of nothing?

    We have the realm of light, dark, between, and sleep. However one that has gone under many's radar is the realm of nothing. It's something nomura purposefully doesn't draw attention to, because I believe it will play a huge role in the future. However rather than focus on the future, with this...
  8. EliDZ

    Theory on the significance of Roxas's checkered wristband (Some Spoilers)

    I like this a lot. You don't have to look at it as you were looking at it too deep. Sometimes you may be looking far enough but it's in the wrong direction. SO you figured that the checker patter can also represent light and dark. So maybe rather than that symbolism being attributed to Roxas...
  9. EliDZ

    Digital Media ► CMS : Youtube Content thread (no advertising)

    My theory that solves where Namine came from.
  10. EliDZ

    Help eliminating vexen 1

    spam firaga and use the fire heartless card. it's really easy actually. just make sure you have some 0 attack cards to break Vexen's sleights.
  11. EliDZ

    Xemnas Hidden Agenda Uncovered.

    To me it was hard to by that he was evil, because he lacked the emotion to really call him evil. He just seemed to have an agenda. The real problem was that we didn't know of his agenda. I think it has less to do with Nomura not building up the character and more with him wanting to leave the...
  12. EliDZ

    I was never fully convinced by Axel's extreme character change.

    I kind of address this in my latest video essay . What I propose is that it isn't that Axel changed because of roxas's influence on him, but rather because he was growing back into Lea. Sure CoM was the first game to come out with Axel, however BBS is chronologically first. Lea didn't appear to...
  13. EliDZ

    Xemnas Hidden Agenda Uncovered.

    Back in KH2 it appeared Xemnas wasn't really in it for giving the nobodies a heart. 358/2 Days came out and it confirmed Xemnas did have a secret agenda. The DDD came around we learn the true goal of Org 13 was to hook up Master Xehanorts heart to 13 vessels. So it'd be safe to assume that...
  14. EliDZ

    What did you think of nobodies being able to grow hearts? as well as your opinion on Xemnas's "True" goal being to turn the Org into Xehanorts?

    Update thank you to everyone for their feedback. I finished the video I made on this topic. Did you like it, or would you have rather it not have been a thing. Did you like the way it was delivered, or was it in bad taste. Did it change your perspective on characters like DiZ, Xemnas, and...
  15. EliDZ

    Am I the only one that thinks yozora is gonna be a series mainstay?

    I don't actually think he is the fusion of the two, but the I really like the Idea of that being the case. Cool One!
  16. EliDZ

    I'm excited to start contributing to the community

    This image was drawn by Melina Chortatou I have so many theories and analysis on the story of KH that I will share with the public and try to get a conversation going. I'm going to use YouTube to present my ideas, and would love to here what you guys have to say over here as well. I have two...