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    kh2 fm question...

    hey, does the 5th org member have a data battle?? and if he does where is it?
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    mickey's letter

    hey guys, well i was just playing through my old kh2 files and i noticed that when you go to disney castle, there's a letter already written by mickey at the librari'es desk. i don't know if a thread like this has been started before, but i think that's the letter that kairi, sora, and riju get...
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    has anyone.....

    leveled up roxas in the beggining of kh2?? if so, till what level??
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    ok, after all this time playing kh2 i was like "let me play kh1 and beat sephiroth" i turned it on, loaded, and i was like "what's wrong with the camera" but i remembered that it is like that on kh1, so i went to olympus and entered platinum match. before i got kh2 i used to beat sephiroth with...
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    reaction commands

    what reaction command did you like the most??? i liked the one when you start the final battle, the one with the skycrappers and duel stance.
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    who thinks kairi changed too much. it looks like it had past 2 or 3 years for kairi. i mean, look. kh2 kairi kh1 kairi. state you opinion.
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    what part in the game are you...

    well, i just went to hollow bastion and open the gummi ship gates or however it's called (you know, when sora holds the membership card in the air and he opens the way to other worlds) and that's when i saved. also, do you think i played a little too far for the first day???anyways, were are...
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    i went to gamestop yesterday to reserve kh2 and they had the giant kh2 cardboard, wich i told them if i could keep it and they said yea,anyways, then i turned to see and i see a copy of kh2!!!!!!!!!!i runned with all my will and i got it, guess what well, it;s just so you guys know.
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    i need a sig!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    plz, can someone help me, i looked in the graphics section but i don't know who to ask. it would be best if someone could make one for right now!!!!plz, don't flame. ps:i already posted in the graphics section but no one answers.
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    goofie's clothes

    ok, wich outfit is it best for goofy, the one that he wore in disney world in kh1 (he had armor in one of his arm, on his legs,and head), or do you preffer the usual kh1 clothes. sorry if this is old, don't flame plz.:D
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    do you guys know if kh2 is just going to have only 2 FMW scenes like in kh1???????????:D (you know, like in the beggining and ending of kh1)
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    how many of you.....

    ok, how many of you r going to beat kh1 (from final rest) before kh2 comes out!!!!!. i know i am i have to refresh my memories from the perfect ending that kh1 had.i know that most of you will.
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    help please!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, can someone tell me where can i hear or see this interview that you guys are talking about!!!!!someone answer plz,thankx.:D