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  1. Sora-keyblade

    Questions about Birth By sleep

    Hey guys I was rewatching some of the cutscenes in theatre mode and these scenes brought up questions in which i had no answer for. First off in the first cut scene we see a dude with whitish/silver hair looking at the sea in destiny islands and im wondering who the heck that is. Is it Xehanort...
  2. Sora-keyblade

    Platform for Birth by Sleep Volume 2?

    Hey guys I just finished Birth By Sleep (Don't hate on the lateness :P) and i researched everything about the extras in Final Mix (Of course i watched the secret ending). We know that kingdom hearts 3D will be released for the Nintendo 3DS so does that mean that Birth By sleep Volume 2 will come...
  3. Sora-keyblade

    Question about Radiant Garden

    Well this question is really simple, was Leon, Cloud or any other character from the final fantasy games that appeared in kh2 in birth by sleep? I must know ffffuuu
  4. Sora-keyblade

    KingdomHearts BBS Winter Trailer with English SUbs

    Yup someone has used Lissars translations and put it on the trailer, so we can now watch it without looking at the video than the translations... Yepee! Also if this has already been posted than sorry :( YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Jump Fiesta 2010) English Subbed
  5. Sora-keyblade

    MX is actually VAT's Masters brother?

    Well here is my short theory on who VAT's master could possibly be. MX and VATS master could be brothers because there is not evidence that proves that they are not nor any that proves that they are. I say this because VAT's master may of introduced MX to his pupels and MX may have taken...
  6. Sora-keyblade

    Kh com slot?

    Does kingdom hearts 358/2 days have like a bonus feature if you put in a Kingdom hearts com in the gba slot??? It seemed like a good idea to me and i want to find out if they let the concept go or that they actually added it to the game
  7. Sora-keyblade

    Goofys son and Petes son

    Do you think they would add goofys son max and petes son whos name i forgot into any future kingdom hearts games? Like for example Max becomes a Knight in training and petes son sneeks off to join max or they could have minor roles like owning their own shops or being in a world like traverse...
  8. Sora-keyblade

    Micheal Jackson is officially muslim

    Well micheal jackson is now muslim what do you think about this and how do you think this will afect his life and his career? BTW: im not sure if this is the right section -_-"
  9. Sora-keyblade

    Summons in future kingdom hearts games

    Well if they add summoning into bbs or 358/2 days what type of summons would you guys want the old ones (like Bambi and stitch) or new ones for example a character i would like to be a summon is Arthur from the sword in the stone :3 comment and discuss
  10. Sora-keyblade

    Future Kingdom hearts multiplayer capabilitys

    First of all i know 358/2 days has a multiplayer mode but I'm not talking about that. Do you think that in the normal story mode of the future kingdom hearts games (if their is any) will let you plug in another controller and let you play as the party members for example donald and goofy would...
  11. Sora-keyblade

    kingdom hearts 2 gmv

    this might be in the wrong section im not sure :confused: / Well this is the luckystar opening and art style staring organization 13 dancing to it xD comment and discuss it crunchyroll - Kingdom Hearts GMV - Lucky Star Opening
  12. Sora-keyblade

    kingdom hearts 2 gmv

    this might be in the wrong section im not sure :confused: / Well this is the luckystar opening and art style starring organization 13 dancing to it xD comment and discuss it crunchyroll - Kingdom Hearts GMV - Lucky Star Opening
  13. Sora-keyblade

    Will days and coded have cgi cutscenes in the beggining and end?

    Well if they made a cgi sneek peek for bbs they would make cgi openings and endings but will they do the same with days and coded im pretty sure that the ds could handle voice acting and cgi cutscenes but what about the cellphone????Tell me your thoughts
  14. Sora-keyblade

    Platform Purchase

    Ok some people dont have ds or psp or a cell phone so write if you have either a ds psp or cell phone and how your gonna buy the new kh games also write about how you dont have a system at all and how your gonna buy it for the purpose of the new kh game also write about how you dont have one of...
  15. Sora-keyblade

    I need help on my career!!!

    Ok people ever since i first played kh1 i was a big square enix fan and ive decided to work for square enix by going to japan can you guys give me any hints on what classes or courses i should take to work there?????? Im going to high school in a year and i dont know what classes or clubs or...
  16. Sora-keyblade

    If aqua was the 14th member??

    OK if aqua was the 14th member how could she have become a nobody and if she did become a nobody what happened to her heartless and why didn't it appear in kingdom hearts 1 or 2 because aqua is powerful and her heartless would have caused havoc so what do you guys think??????????????By the way...
  17. Sora-keyblade

    I NEED HELP PLZ!!!!!

    Ok for image shack and photo bucket when i an the image too 100 by 70 and than post the any link for my avatar it is unable too save the image
  18. Sora-keyblade


    hiya people i am new here and i wanted to say hi again. I hope most of you guys become my friend :blush: also can you guys give me a simple explanation why i cant save an image for my profile with an image shack url????????