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  1. MasterKaze

    Why Xehanort is Wrong about Balancing Light and Darkness

    Master Xehanort has stated that he believes there should be a balance between light and dark, and that he wants to bring an end to the "tyranny of light." Assuming this is truly what he believes, it is hard to fault him. An equal balance should exist, and darkness does not necessarily mean...
  2. MasterKaze

    Party Transfers and Lux Rankings

    I know that when you change Union, you can't participate in that week's lux ranking. However, I'm not really sure how it works with switching parties from within the same union. For one, can you still participate in the lux rankings if you leave one party and join another, both individually and...
  3. MasterKaze

    News ► New KH3 footage at 2.5 launch event!

    According to the Twitter user @churroz of KH13, new KH3 footage was shown at the 2.5 launch event. I haven't seen it confirmed by anyone else yet, but I haven't really looked yet. The alleged footage apparently shows the Land of Departure and new gun attacks for Sora, as well as a promise for...
  4. MasterKaze

    Final Mix as DLC?

    To date, every Kingdom Hearts game that was originally released on a Play Station console has had a Final Mix version, so it stands to reason that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the same. In the past, a Final Mix had to be on a new disc - an entirely new game. Because of this physical step, Final Mix...
  5. MasterKaze

    A Nobody's Nobody?

    In DDD, we learned that the Organization members did in fact have hearts. Because of this, could a Heartless have stolen their heart and turned that Nobody into a heartless? And possibly spawning a new Nobody?
  6. MasterKaze

    Project Magic Kingdom Hearts

    Today, a very interesting project was brought to my attention: Project Magic Kingdom Hearts. It's an event taking place in Disneyland in Orlando, Florida on October 25. October 25 is Mickey's-Not-So-Scary Halloween. The aim is to have Kingdom Hearts fans arrive either as cosplayers, or wearing...
  7. MasterKaze

    What do you want in X[chi]?

    As we all know, X[chi] is a fairly young game, only a few weeks old. It is clear that there are multiple updates that will come sometime in the future, as seen by the "Coming Soon" worlds and the incomplete worlds that we have now. Also, the dev team has shown a willingness to create special...
  8. MasterKaze

    Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Walkthrough Help

    For those of us that don't speak fluent Japanese, navigating KHX can be a little difficult, especially when it comes to the story, as we do not always know what we are expected to do. This forum is for you to ask a question about a particular part that you're stuck on in order to receive help...