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  1. FangirlfromHell

    Height Theory

    I had no idea where else to put this general question about Kingdom Hearts. It only really pertains to a certain group of characters though. What would be good theoretical heights for Lingering Will, Maser Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Apprentice!Xehanort, Ansem SoD, Xemnas and Terra? I get that...
  2. FangirlfromHell

    Carol and the Great Frost Beast Prologue Draft

    This is the first time I have ever shared this piece with anyone. My only wish is that you enjoy what I have managed to write and maybe offer some feedback. Example of good feedback would be asking questions that I should address in this chapter, details I should flesh out more, details I should...
  3. FangirlfromHell

    Pilot Trophies! Woo-hoo!

    I finally managed to get an S on at least one mission for all routes! What is the best policy when dealing with the EX missions though? It's like they ask the impossible with some of the requirements. I also seem to be missing one blueprint but I can't figure out which one it is. I'd also like...
  4. FangirlfromHell

    Rumble Racing: Trouble on the Track

    As the title says, I am having trouble with Rumble Racing. Specifically on the Grand Spree and the final Course. For some reason with Aqua these two courses are extremely difficult whether it be in Disney Town or even getting the 5 laps under 5:00 for the Mirage Arena. Does anyone have any...
  5. FangirlfromHell

    Lingering Will: Lingering Trouble

    The Lingering Will, probably the most difficult non-data Organization fight in all of Kingdom Hearts II. This guy has done nothing but give me trouble since the release of the ReMIXes. To this day I just cannot defeat him! Is there ANY way to beat him that is easy enough to understand for...
  6. FangirlfromHell

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: The Ice Cream Collection

    First of all, I would appreciate it if those who dislike Birth by Sleep keep their bashing out of this thread. This thread is meant to be fun and NOT used as an area to bash on the game. There are PLENTY of threads of that ilk in the BBS forum already. Please be respectful of this wish and of...
  7. FangirlfromHell

    Kingdom Hearts: Volatile Earth WIP

    I wanted to share a WIP with you all in hopes of getting some feedback before I proceed further into the chapter. Please keep in mind this is not a finish work. Special Thanks to: Rodin, Luxu, FudgmintGuardian, Not Ienzo and Sephiroth0812 for contributing aspects for this story. I would be lost...
  8. FangirlfromHell

    Traditional Media ► Kingdom Hearts: Earth within the Void - Awakening

    This oddly titled piece was finished in roughly six hours and is something I am fairly pleased with the results. I've not yet written a story for it but I love the concept of how it turned out. I am well aware that Terra!Xemnas looks very unamused/zombie-like, but to be fair he's just come back...
  9. FangirlfromHell

    Kingdom Hearts Story Help Needed

    I hope I am posting this in the correct form as it is KH related but is not actually a link to a story or anything like that. I need some help figuring out a good way to blend Terra and Xemnas' powers for a story I am rewriting. I know that I want Terra to start out unaware and unable to control...
  10. FangirlfromHell

    Anime/Manga ► What was your first Anime/Manga and what is your fondest memory of that series?

    I've seen people talk about their favorite anime or manga but I've yet to see the story of what got anyone into the medium itself. I know that for many people it is different and everyone has at least one fond memory of their first anime or manga. Sometimes it is even how we judge whether or not...
  11. FangirlfromHell

    Anime/Manga ► Speed Racer/ Mach Go! Go! & Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

    Whenever I come across 'old anime lists' I notice that several old titles either get overlooked or people genuinely forget they are anime. Speed Racer is an anime that came out when my dad was younger, long be fore I was born but it is one of the greatest anime I have watched not because it's...
  12. FangirlfromHell

    FangirlfromHell's Sketch Journal!

    This will be updated whenever a new sketch actually reaches 'completion'. It means that if something is a completed concept and not garbage to my own eyes I will share it. Decided I'll just update this one instead of making new threads for various projects. This will only apply to sketches...
  13. FangirlfromHell

    Kingdom Hearts Short Fic R&R much appreciated

    This story is likely very OOC but I am very pleased with how it came out but I also feel like it needs something more. It would be lovely to see what any readers have to say to me about it. Heart's Family - Fangirl_Shenanigans - Kingdom Hearts [Archive of Our Own] Yes, I spoil Terra with...
  14. FangirlfromHell

    Bonus Bosses from BBS FM+ Advice Please

    Let me start with I do not play in Critical mode, nor do I plan to EVER fight these battles on that mode when I get around to playing it. I play on Beginner and Standard modes because I can't handle the stress of the higher difficulties and want to actually enjoy my own pace. I would like to...
  15. FangirlfromHell

    KH2.5 Official Guidebook?

    Not sure if there is already a post about this but I didn't find one so here it is. Does anyone know if the guidebook for 2.5 is in the works yet? If so does it have a tentative release date? In theory Prima will do the book given they did the one for 1.5 and hopefully it will also be hardcover...
  16. FangirlfromHell

    Stickers, Stickers everywhere!

    Did anyone else almost rage quit trying to get the sticker in Terra's file when you have to get this one from really high in the audience chamber while in 'Enchanted Dominion'? Do you have any stickers that were a specific pain for you to get? I think that at least one sticker drove everyone...
  17. FangirlfromHell

    Preferences: The Voice of DiZ

    I haven't seen an actual discussion over this yet, and since DiZ is first introduced here (as Ansem I mean) I wanted to make one about it. Now, in Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II the voice of DiZ/Ansem the Wise was the magnificent Christopher Lee. Christopher Lee is known to all Lord of...
  18. FangirlfromHell

    'Signature of Dreams'

    I designed this initially as a PSP wallpaper for myself because I love Terra and these are my two favorite Dream Eaters. If anyone has any background ideas for it please share them here. Just bear in mind it must fit the character and the dreameaters are permanent fixtures. Version 2...
  19. FangirlfromHell

    The Music of Birth by Sleep

    I haven't come across this thread yet, so I've decided to initiate it myself. There have been many games in the Kingdom Hearts franchise now, each with their own set of best tracks. I wanted to discuss the soundtrack to Birth by Sleep and see what tracks everyone else things belong under the...
  20. FangirlfromHell

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep T-shirt Concept

    I am disappointed in the lack of Birth by Sleep merchandise and with 2.5 coming out this was a much draw. I wanted a lineup theme like they used to do with some of the 90's animes. I am actually very pleased with almost everything. I don't have any motivation to color it sadly. It would be...