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    Quiet Company (see also: another awesome band this section will overlook)

    nL6uBu_kK0U 3HOjN42oksA 0QrhckCoXvU Found out about these guys a while back through their connection to Eisley (Taylor Muse, head of Quiet Company, was an early contributor and bassist for Eisley prior to their first album) and listened to some of their songs on MySpace, but stopped after a...
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    Holly Miranda

    So I borrowed her album The Magician's Private Library from my girlfriend a couple nights ago and have listened to it at least three or four times over the last two days. I absolutely love this girl; she has such a beautiful voice, very similar to Feist's, and she is goddamn adorable to boot...
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    Miniature Tigers (ATTN: indie fags and exploding guitar enthisiasts!)

    So, these guys have become a bit of an addiction for me lately and I think you should all listen to them. They were the first opening band at the Say Anything/Eisley concert I went to back in November, though I completely missed their set. I still got their album though and started listening to...
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    Durarara!! x2 Ketsu

    hGB-D5lS8R4 Just watched the first episode and I'm expecting some pretty great things from this series. Not too sure that it will be able to match Baccano, but I'm fairly confident it will still be pretty fantastic. Definitely loving the music in the series and the Horo cutout and the Baccano...
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    -TYX1X0SFw0 2aVaML4vvcQ While there's nothing particularly groundbreaking about these guys, I've been listening to their two albums, This December, It's One More And I'm Free and Illuminate, lately after being introduced by a friend and like them pretty well. The lead singer's voice reminds me...
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    Sat and watched all twelve of the 15 minute OVAs earlier tonight. Oh God that was fantastic.
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    Again: Eye of Providence

    jsJcbmF07Ak Again (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Again is the next adventure/puzzle style game from Cing, developers of Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Personally, the live action look of the game is a pretty big turn off to me, but seeing how much I loved Hotel Dusk...
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    kobato - oh boy more clamp crossover shit

    seriously guys, was tsubasa not enough for you?
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    Natsu no Arashi!

    could have sworn i made an arashi thread before... Natsu no Arashi! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Second season started about two weeks ago, so that plot summary is a tad outdated. nXfBcVj_Wgk hC3yUDovVKo diggin the new op and ed discuss
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    The Men Who Stare at Goats

    SreufFevUSw The fact that this is based on a true story makes me chuckle. Fingers crossed it doesn't suck.
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    It's time to talk about how fun. this band is.

    Fun. is a band formed by Nate Ruess (formerly of The Format) and a few other dudes from some other bands I haven't heard of. After listening to The Format for a while and thinking how much it sucked that they broke up, I heard of Nate's new band and finally got their album Aim and Ignite a few...
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    071KqJu7WVo Kinda surprised there hasn't been a thread on this prior to release. I saw it tonight and it was fucking fantastic.
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    do you know what today is?

    well do ya that's right it is cirno day! ⑨/⑨/0⑨ baka baka A1CX1HA9A8E happy cirno day everyone!
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    Katamari Forever (塊魂TRIBUTE)

    pbAM_Po00Bk Hands-On: Katamari Forever - G4tv.com YouTube - Katamari Forever - Official Gameplay Footage 1 YouTube - Katamari Forever - Official Gameplay Footage 2 YouTube - Katamari Forever - Official Gameplay Footage 3 YouTube - ??TRIBUTE???1? YouTube - ??TRIBUTE???2? YouTube - ??TRIBUTE???3...
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    Wesley Jensen

    Well, technically, I think it's Wesley Jensen and the Wildcats now, but oh well. I don't imagine too many people, if any, will like his music as much as I'd like, but I've wanted to make a thread for a while now, so here goes: Wesley Jensen and The Wildcats on MySpace Music - Free Streaming...
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    Trigun movie set for this year

    HCcEv0gFnpM I guess we haven't seen the last of The Humanoid Typhoon.
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    TV ► Community

    lNrPr-UCtog Joel McHale, John Oliver and two directors from Arrested Development? Oh man, I'm really hoping this won't disappoint.
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    Most, Last Trusted Man in America Dies

    Cronkite remembered as 'honorable' and 'an icon' - Yahoo! News Yet again, another great has been lost.
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    i enjoy my music and do not try to assert it is better than others'

    QMNfB7MWRIY _oiXciyAYJ4 Umtu9tvqcjg NjY80uEeiV0 mLiMD48oc64 atOhjv9mPFg i3bME6gpAFI NVJ54VaOsuM q6N26e_BgfU Zl-AhKOebdo Y2Zj3mWjsfg nOuKdeZ2x-M NmG0sPyZJBg LqldwoDXHKg rEyERbpAljg IdmwHljfN4Q in during indie/hipster/mainstream/boring/weeaboo shit also, title is a slight lie because i still...
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    Summer 2009 anime lineup

    So, what will everyone be watching this season? Here's my list of interest: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (obvious choice) Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 CANAAN Bakemonogatari Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas I'll watch those and I'll probably drop some and pick up new series as the...