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  1. bankai8299

    Global fest prize out

    Hey guys, what happened to prize out I thought they were supposed to be distributed today?
  2. bankai8299

    Question about the new KEX and Future XEX

    Hello, I'm wondering about KEX and XEX there is obviously gonna be a reversed version just like the wonder twins I wanna know how likely is it for them to bring it back soon as a 5 pull mercy and if it's even worth me throwing away 18000 jewels at this current banner
  3. bankai8299

    Looking for legitimate active party

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a party that is very active regularly participates in raids and cross and I won't have to watch fall apart I have already been to 3 parties and it seems like most of them just won't be active and it's hard to start a new one or recruit bc everyone has an...
  4. bankai8299

    Recruiting for Active Party Unicornis Rank 300 (and Climbing)

    Hello, as the title states I'm recruiting for an active party. We are currently rank 300 in Unicornis and still climbing this week. We are recruiting at least 4 active players who gain a lot of Lux and (3 slots for beginners) (3 for medium tier players) all are willing to my participate in...
  5. bankai8299

    Recruiting for Active Party Unicornia Rank 300 (and Climbing)

    Hello, as the title states I'm recruiting for an active party. We are currently rank 300 in Unicornis and still climbing this week. We are recruiting at least 4 active players who gain a lot of Lux and (3 slots for beginners) (3 for medium tier players) all are willing to my participate in...
  6. bankai8299

    DIZ/Ansem the wise's role in kh3 and connection to the MoM and the black box

    So this theory spawned from me trying to figure out what was in the box and I will be working out a theory for this In the next month or two I need to purchase 2.5 and replay it. Going off what Nomura said an astute player would know what's in the black box Luxu is tasked with guarding. I have...
  7. bankai8299

    Revisiting the missing somebodies?

    So, my buddy who isn't as heavily into KH wanted to sit down with me and figure out what makes sense for all the missing somebodies. With the addition of lauriam even though the debate is still ongoing I have found something that might tie everything together. I think the reason Nomura made the...
  8. bankai8299

    Returning player needs party

    Hi there everyone, I am a returning player who is willing to transfer unions to find a party. my current lux for the week is 173M My main keyblade is three wishes lvl 28 and I am currently grinding. My current Union is unicornis, I have maxed out medals and the recent vip medals I'm In need of...
  9. bankai8299

    (English) Leopardus union party (accepting applications)

    I'm currently starting a Leopardus party as I have just downloaded the game so the requirements are really simple Be part of the Leopardus union Be an active player and Progress decently fast through the game
  10. bankai8299

    Looking for an A rank Team

    Hello as you know i'm Bankai8299, here and on chi. I'm looking for an A rank Leopardus union team i'm not the noob i once was when I first sought out for a team Lux Ranking 4261 with an earning of 2440457 Lux Damage Ranking 3152 with damage of 11771528 If you would like a screenshot of my...
  11. bankai8299

    (Theory) Secret Boss"es" future canonity and story elements

    So looking back into interviews reviews youtube theories and lore I came across something about the secret boss in 1.5 a.k.a Xemnas being canon. According to what i've heard and read Xion was created when Xemnas fought Sora during the SB fight in Hollow Bastion. It is stated that during his...
  12. bankai8299

    Looking for a active A Class Leopardus Party

    I have a full sr+ high purity attack deck and am currently working on my assist, I have 2 high purity sr+ assists I can earn 250000 lux a week i'm looking for a party that completes the level 180-210 raid boss missions. sorry for the image issues i took it with my ds because im at school and...
  13. bankai8299

    Quick little theory about the existence of khx

    What if The game we've been playing is really some sort of history room in castle oblivion, because of the card format, if I remember correctly someone stated Cards rain supreme in castle oblivion. So my thought is being as we have the card format and many other similarities is it possible that...
  14. bankai8299

    Compilation of strategies for Secret bosses

    Comment Strategies for beating Lingering spirit vanitas and mysterious figure young xehanort please i can't beat spirit and i know xehanort will be harder~Roxas
  15. bankai8299

    Matchup is Broken

    the matchup is broken Rank C is again Rank B :P
  16. bankai8299

    What Happened

    i didn't receive my prizes that were supposed to come in the maintnence today i won 3 a day each day for my xion sr and everything else i haven't received it what the heck happened
  17. bankai8299

    i found out the mystery heartless name

    this is the head bandit i was just looking through heartless for no reason and stumbled upon the abu snatcher
  18. bankai8299

    Mystery Heartless from Agrabah cutscene

    Does anybody else think the mystery heartlessfrom that cut scene is gonna be a part of a future agrabah map like say the cave of wonders
  19. bankai8299

    Does anybody have a A rank Leopardis team i can join (list of requirements inside)

    I'm looking for a active team that's been completing the latest missions for the carp submarine because all the teams i've been through are lazy here are my requirements anything bold is optional anything bold and underlined is necessary and not optional. Must be active during events atleast a...
  20. bankai8299

    What abilities do these 2 cards have

    i've got 2 dark cards but i don't know what abilities they have i also know some dark cards don't have an ability yet because the dark card update hasn't come yet so if they don't i'd also like to know that much thanks in advanced