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  1. 3bode989

    KH News coming in 40 days

    Hey guys I was on twitter when I saw this link Project Destati which leads to a countdown I thought I should share :D
  2. 3bode989

    No KH3D Trailer in e3!!

    I Saw Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference Just Now live on G4 and there were no Kh3d just some new games and New Remote Control for wii named Wii(U):frown::frown::frown:
  3. 3bode989

    Kingdom Hearts 3D To have(Shocking ending)

    Tired of being left in the dark about Kingdom Hearts’ 3DS debut? Tetsuya Nomura is here to light the way. If you’re a fan of Square Enix’s titles, you’ve no doubt got your calendar dated for the company’s upcoming conference on January 18th. Always coy in their information on...
  4. 3bode989

    Kingdom Hearts Collections

    Hey guys... I was thinking about... a Game for Kingdom hearts series.. it will be named Kingdom Hearts Collections.. it will contain...Kh1...Kh2...Kh re:CoM...Kh 358/2(if Possible)...Kh BBS(if Possible) It well Be in HD.. And like sora said:So How about it? can we handle a last...
  5. 3bode989

    Pal and Jap PS2

    Well guys i have a Pal Ps2 and i have kh2 final mix+ and i didnt try it and i wanna know do jap games work on pal ps2 :confused:
  6. 3bode989

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Voices

    guys i finally got the voices of Kingdom hearts birth by sleep: Voices: Terra- Christian Bale (Batman in "The Dark Knight") Ventus- Jesse McCartney (Also played Roxas) Aqua- Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper in "The O.C.") Mickey Mouse- Bret Iwan (R.I.P. Wayne Allwine) Master Eraqus- Mark...