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    Naruto: Kigen abarabone sono Kuroimeian

    It was dark. The cave was silent for a minute, except for dripping water. Several tall figures stood talking. They looked at each other every once a while and then went back to discussing. One of the taller ones stepped forward. "Now..." the man proclaimed. "No longer shall we hide in the...
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    Naruto: Kigen abarabone sono Kuroimeian (Sign-up and OCC)

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    Naruto: Kigen abarabone sono Kuroimeian (Sign-up and OCC)

    Naruto: Rise of the Kuroimeian The Akatsuki. An evil organization with the purpose of unknown to many other than to capture all nine Tailed Demons. Four years ago, they started activity again by trying to capture the host of the Nine Tailed Fox, Kyuubi. That boy, Naruto Uzumaki, was kept safe...
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    Ben 10: Race Against Time

    Yup, you heard right. There will be a live action film version of the show......Nothing mroe to say.......... Information here: Ben 10: Race Against Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Trailer here(kinda short, teaser trailer): Ben 10 | Cartoon Network post your thoughts on the movie
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    Other countries have a secret KH III game?

    ok, so get this. I was on google, and I guess some one digitaly altered a game case of a PS3 game, because this is EXTREAMLY WEIRD! LOOK! what do you guys think this is?
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    Transformers: The Second War

    100 years ago, a boy named Sam Witwicky, along with a girl named Mikaela Banes, the Army, and the Autobots, defended a cube called the "Allspark", which contained enormus power force, from the Decepticons. Megatron and the other Decepticons were all defeated and the Allspark destroyed. Two of...
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    A New Order, A New Story, and A New Road

    Chapter I: The End Once, there was a hero named Sora. He was what some people called the "Keyblade Master." He had two companions who were named Donald and Goofy. And the rest was history. About two years later, Sora had defeated Xemnas, the leader of a group of Nobodies who called themselves...
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    Naruto: Infinity's Edge

    About three years ago, when Konohagakure held the Chuunin Exams, the village was attacked by Orochimaru. It was left in ruins and without a Hokage. A few days after that, two men of the Akatsuki attacked three Jonin of the village. But that was many years ago. Today, the village is fully...
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    Sora-looking knight theory

    WARNING! ONE SPOILER! ok, so, everyone here should know about that picture with the knight with the broken helment, right? Well, anyways, (I'm following the theory that Chasers are from the soul of the person that gets killed by a Heartless) he MAY or may not be Sora's Chaser...
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    ~| Naruto Fanclub|~

    Yes, for all of those who love the anime, manga, or games, join now! Disscuss theories, charcters, or anything else. COME NOW! President - Me/ The big/little pervy sage Vice President - Strifentine/official welcomer/glomper of the new members Others - Mythological Omega -soraisriku...
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    My life's a big depression

    I'm extreamly depressed all the time. My mom's yelling me everynight, the girl I like won't even look at me, and I can't seem to cheer up. My friends have tried, but it's no use, and I've considered suicide a couple times Can you guys give me advice on what to do? Please?
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    Naruto word guess

    Okay, this is just liek any other word guess, but this time it's Naruto and you MUT post 2 clues to your answer, but try to make them hard. And sorry if this has been done before. I'll start off with an easy one(try to make ur's challenging!!!): 1. never seen his own blood 2. "DO I FRIGHTEN...
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    Sephy's getting a new sybling, TOO!

    ok, so it's not a sybling, I'm getting a new baby cousin next year!!! so I was wandering, I need some good names to suggest, anyone options?
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    The Tim Burton Fanclub!!!

    This is a fanclub honoring the master film maker, Tim Burton! all fans, worshipers, and worshipets may join.... and it's almost Halloween......... JACK'S COMIN!!!!!!!!!!...anyways, no haters!!! Prez/Lord of Halloween: me(Sephy-kun)-Jack Vice Prez/ unlucky sciccor-handed person: tifa14...
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    The Nightmare Before Christmas quiz!!!

    yes, this is for all of us The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, here are the rules: -must be sent to me in a PM -anyone may participate -deadline is Halloween night -have fun! here are the questions: 1) What is sitting on the post that says "Halloween Town" on it?(bespecific) 2) How many...
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    Marluxia's Nobody?

    Anyone wander how the battle with Marluxia and his Nobody(the final battle, and yes, that was a Nobody he was on) will be played? It looked awsome in COM, so it should be incredable in the remake. please discuss
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    New bands doing DISNEY remixes

    yup, bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and She Wants Revenge are doing remakes of the popular Disney movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. For a sample of the songs, here is the link: http://hyfntrak.com/nightmare/AFF27166/go.php here are the lists(for the good ones): Fall Out...
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    Secret Scene???

    I was bored, so I looked up Organization XIII on WIkipedia, and look what I found under Vexen: I wander if this scene will be put in.... please don't flame me
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    Axel Help!!!(needed ASAP)

    I need help on fighting Axel the second time. I am level 73, with 545 HP and 1025 CP, but I still can't beat him!!! can someone give me info on how to beat him? (cards to have, strategy, ect.) THANKIES!
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    Chad Vader

    anyone seen these? It's about a guy who works at a supermarket in a Darth Vader suit. IT'S F'ING HILARIOUS!!! here are the first three episodes, number four is coming October 11! episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wGR4-SeuJ0 episode 2...