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  1. Alpha Baymax

    The Nameless Star's TRUE Name Is Sora Theory by NextGenNovelist

    As I was browsing around YouTube to see what the Kingdom Hearts community was theorising regarding Verum Rex, I stumbled onto this amazing theory as to why the Nameless Star is called Sora. The reasoning is shockingly symbolic and the hints presented demonstrate further parallels to Versus XIII.
  2. Alpha Baymax

    A theory on how a Yozora Kingdom Hearts game would work

    With a game starring Yozora looking all the more likely to happen, I have a rough idea as to how the title would play out. Every Kingdom Hearts entry has integrated Disney worlds in the game and this entry is going to be no different in that regard. However, because the world of Verum Rex is an...
  3. Alpha Baymax

    Make Your Own Kingdom Hearts Game Idea Here

    Just like the title says, think of a Kingdom Hearts game and talk about your idea here. Who should the playable characters be? what should the plot be? what sort of gameplay should it involve?
  4. Alpha Baymax

    Which cast do you think the next Kingdom Hearts entry will focus on?

    Assuming the next game is going to be in Unreal Engine 4/Kingdom Shader and will be more of a traditional Kingdom Hearts experience, who do you think will be the next playable party that the next game's story will focus on? To recap, Aqua, Terra and Ventus are searching for Sora in the Realm of...
  5. Alpha Baymax

    Are Bragi and Hermod involved with Verum Rex?

    I'm comparing the two and it's suspicious how coincidentally similar they both look? 🤨 Then again, this is Nomura and maybe I'm just jumping the gun with my assumptions here.
  6. Alpha Baymax

    Theory: Yozora is Ephemer

    Yeah, it's another "person A is person B" theory, but hear me out here, this makes sense. First off, we know that Ephemer did not survive into the present day. That's evident when his spirit was in the Keyblade Graveyard helping Sora. So what does Ephemer have to do with Yozora? Here's where...
  7. Alpha Baymax

    Xion and Subject X Theory

    Crazy to believe that I am still posting a theory about this game after it's been released, but the game's been re-contextualised ever since the Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania came out. Anyway, this theory is explaining the connection that Xion has to Subject X. First off, we have to identify...
  8. Alpha Baymax

    The Muppets in Kingdom Hearts?

    Do you want it? Do you think it would work for Kingdom Hearts? I'd love to see them as residents in original worlds or make The Muppets replace 100 Acre Wood as the standalone optional world.
  9. Alpha Baymax


    What a character. He has arguably the most development compared to all the other former Organization XIII members. Out of all the theories about this game since Dream Drop Distance, nobody really talked about Ienzo's importance, and I think that's good. It demonstrates that characters that...
  10. Alpha Baymax


    So, what's everybody's opinion of his reveal? Because that definitely was the biggest WTF factor in this series so far.
  11. Alpha Baymax

    Who here wants a KH4!?

    In tribute to the very first discussion of Kingdom Hearts III in this forum… https://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-iii/10730-who-here-wants-kh3.html Who here wants a Kingdom Hearts IV to come out? No spoilers as to why/why not.
  12. Alpha Baymax

    X/Unchained X/Union Cross HD is the most likely release after Kingdom Hearts III

    Now that Kingdom Hearts III has been released, a lot of people assume that Kingdom Hearts IV is going to be the next game released because the spin-off method is outdated in a franchise focused era, and that native HD assets for Kingdom Hearts have been created. Well, I don't think that's going...
  13. Alpha Baymax

    I'm taking a hiatus...

    It's the year of Kingdom Hearts release, and after much consideration, I've decided to take a break from the website for this month. I feel that I have enough information about Kingdom Hearts III to feel satisfied. I joined the forums since September 2015, crazy to think that I've been around...
  14. Alpha Baymax

    Ienzo's purpose

    After getting confirmation that Ienzo will return in this game was great news. Even better was the fact that he will remain with the heroes, and him directly helping Sora means that he holds some sort of narrative value. After evaluating all of the official material released about him, I have a...
  15. Alpha Baymax

    Riku Replica is the Seeker of Darkness

    It's been confusing to decipher as to whether the Riku that has sided with Xehanort is Replica Riku or Data Riku. A lot of people have fairly assumed it's Data Riku because of the Bug Blox present in San Fransokyo. Bug Blox were Heartless introduced in Coded, and so having a Re: Coded...
  16. Alpha Baymax

    What do you think is the last Disney world to be revealed?

    With the game going gold, I've been inspired to make this topic. Assuming that we have a Disney world left to be revealed, and also assuming it will be the last Disney world to be revealed for the game, what do you think it will be? (not hope, think). Personally, I think that it will be Oz...
  17. Alpha Baymax

    7 Guardians of Lights confirmed?

    After watching the X018 trailer, we may have just gotten a glimpse of the 7 Guardians of Light... Sora Donald Goofy Riku Mickey Lea Kairi What's everybody's thoughts on this potential lineup? Edit: In the event of a mis-direct, Terra and Roxas seem to be the most likely candidates to replace...
  18. Alpha Baymax

    TV ► Hilda

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCojP2Ubuto I'm in love with this show, it's like if Gravity Falls and Adventure Time had a baby born in England. If you haven't given this show a chance, definitely watch it, it's so enjoyable!
  19. Alpha Baymax

    Theory: Young Terra will be a Guardian of Light

    I know what everybody's thinking, "His body's been possessed by Xehanort". True, but his Lingering Will still survives. In order to travel through time, you have to discard your body, and you can only travel to where you've previously existed. The Lingering Will technically fits both of those...
  20. Alpha Baymax

    Even and Dilan

    I know we've yet to see all the trailers, but pre-existing information about both these characters have me concerned. In Dream Drop Distance, they were both still comatose, and both the voice actors for the characters have supposedly confirmed that they're not doing voiceover work for Kingdom...