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    Fate/Stay Night/Last Episode/Before, 1

    Author's Note: Crossed over between two visual novels, Fate Stay Night and Kira Kira Curtain Call. Mild language issues that might shock the heart of a five years old. This is a story about Emiya Shirou. This is one memory he could never forget. Let's Go! Emiya Shirou has never forgotten her...
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    A K-On! Tragedy, Twisted Happy

    A K-On! Tragedy, Twisted Happy Forgive my grammar mistakes, and Enjoy. It was late. The red sun poured the last of its blood red paint onto the high school that Nakano Azusa now studies in. The once little pony tailed girl is now in her senior years, currently studying alone in her empty...
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    People may hate it, but Roxas, Namine, Xion, Axel really could make their appearances when the new KH series comes out. I think Coded's true intention is to explain the contents of Mickey's letter, as well as hinting that there is a chance to save those lovely Nobodies of ours 'who should not...
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    Famitsu Pictures based on Nomura Interview + Summons Pics

    Really high quality pictures. Looking forward to it.
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    Who thinks BBS will be best KH yet?

    Heh, if you believe games get better with each series, then they will. Depends on how you see it.
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    What Does Three Five Eight Over Two Means?

    Hmm, thank you very much guys. Off topic, do you guys know what happened to Riku when he held Oblivion? People said that he forgotten Xion when he hold it, but it looks more like remembering?
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    What Does Three Five Eight Over Two Means?

    Exactly what the title is, what does it mean? No one ever seemed to mention it.
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    Soo.. Xion's Element revealed

    Re: Soo.. Xion uses light. So. Xion uses Light. Nice.
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    New 358/2 Days Trailer!

    I saw one with Xion holding out her hand to summon a Keyblade, but instead it didn't come out. And then it 'poofed' into her hands (Not the usual shining, why?), Roxas seemed to be leaving the weapon to her, and she jumped up and down. Cute!
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    Why Kairi -can- have two Nobodies

    Who cares? And you should thank me for putting it in KH3 Forum dontcha' think? JKJK! Haha!
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    Xion or Shion.. THEORY!!

    Whoever who post this thread should study common sense and ONLY common sense.
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    why is Aqua so cool

    I won't like her voice since they commented that it sounded like Paine (Ugh!), but I like her appearance.
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    Aqua's Outfit

    She is kickass. They say her voice sounded like Paine's.
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    My idea of the Unbirths and the true meaning of "Birth by Sleep"

    Chasers... Probably those who chased the pure lights?
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    what do you think the title BBS has to do with the characters?

    Probably an answer or just the theme of the game, and at most of the time both...
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    Er, that's not right because their Master sent them to FIND/DISCOVER/UNCOVER MX and his apprentice. I can change my word but retain the same meaning. If you're using that to explain 'Chaser' it's really thin.
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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer DS looked more and more like a girl, and unlike the one who fought so coolly in the secret ending.
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    My Newest BBS Theory(s)

    Stop thinking. It's just another theory that barely scratched the surface of truth, and yet it tore down many minds of people.
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    BBS hype

    If it wasn't for Sora's lameness the game won't be fun!