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    New thought on new boss in BBS

    I'm thinkin that this 3DS game is supposed to mess with some details of the game, but i don't think this bbs boss will be in it although it is possible. onto bbs, remember how terranort's heart was taken away by himself literally... isn't it possible that since two hearts were in his body that...
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    What kind of end to the series do you want?

    Personally I would love to see a sad ending. I want it to be something that will make me close to crying. I wanna see sacrifice for friends, and intense battle scenes. I am tired of game after game (although they are good). I want the series to finish, but I want to enjoy it. Many KH are...
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    AD-HOC Party KH BBS

    Hey guys, for those that own kh bbs i was wondering whether u play it on the us psn account or japanese psn account.... i have both but right now i am in world a room a. i want to try out online so i need sum ppl. long weekend for me so i wanna beat the game and play sum online...
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    CHECK this out if you wanna see some bbs battle commands translations!

    Attack Commands (エリアルブレイク) Aerial Break (ファイナルブレイク) Final Break (メテオバースト) Meteor Burst (マジックアワー) Magic Hour (スライドダッシュ) Slide Dash (ファイアダッシュ) Fire Dash (ダークヘイズ) Dark Haze (ソニックレイヴ) Sonic Rave (カオスレイヴ) Chaos Rave (ザンテツケン) Zantetsuken (ストライクレイド) Strike Raid (フリーズレイド) Freeze Raid (トレジャーレイド)...
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    Your BBS Command Deck

    Hey guys, I was wondering what command decks you have set. I'm figuring out my favourite ones right now. Post what you guys liked using the best and most.
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    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is working on english subs for bbs. It is up for endings but is somone doing all the cutscenes. I haven't come across them.
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    What difficulty will you play on in BBS

    I got hardest mode possible. I like the challenge. HBU? Added a poll :D