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    Ending of KH3

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they had an ending in KH3 that was just a whole 30 minutes long of just a cutscene. Stuff would be super epic.
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    Nomura and the first KH

    I've been hearing that Nomura didn't have a clue what he was getting into when he made the first Kingdom Hearts. Is this true? Is there any evidence that this is true?
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    Next Song for KH

    Since the lady that made the theme songs for KH1 & 2 isn't making another one. I think there next song should be this: YouTube - Sakamoto Ryuichi - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Live) What do you think?
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    The guy in the cave

    In the beginning of the game, who was the guy in the cloak that sora met after carving a papou fruit to kairi. And what happened during that time when he said the world was tied to darkness / connected.
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    Audo's Picture Theory

    So his thread is finally put to an end, but I wanna hear an explanation for all of this from Audo. If I hear it from people other than Audo, It might not be the correct explanation. Can you please explain this picture Audo?