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    KH2FM+ Status question

    wow, thats pretty high for defence, I only have mine at 92 right now. Everyday I told my self to increase it by 5 atlast. so that way I could get it done.
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    Hello, I made Aqua´s gameplay-graphics

    I love her eyes, they looks o cool. AWESOME JOB!!!
  3. D

    Is Ven or Aqua in trouble?

    I agree, I think that's a possiability right there, S.E. is good at keeping stuff like that from leaking out. Damn you S.E.
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    KH2FM+ Status question

    haha I'm at level 99, And yes Saix was the only one I could beat up, lol.
  5. D

    KH2FM+ Status question

    Yea thanks, wow I have a rpetty high defence. lol. Thanks again Neloangelo, I appriciate it.
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    a question?

    I have another question, who was Sora's Heartless? was it the one that he transformed into? But wait Sora had a really strong heart, why such a weak heartless? I'm dazzled.
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    ZOMG! Terra - Level 1 - Decisive Pumpkin - No Damage!

    no man you don't have to thank us, we are glad that you uploaded that video, it made me want to keep fighting him, until I beat him. But man didn' it take you forever to get that far? trying to beat the game at level 1 isn't that hard?
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    KH2FM+ Status question

    But whats the highest that you gotten it around?
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    KH2FM+ Status question

    I know this probably has been answered before, but whats the highest defence you can get along with the others (Strength, and Magic) So far mine is about 85 for defence, and 70 for strength and 74 for Magic.
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    ZOMG! Terra - Level 1 - Decisive Pumpkin - No Damage!

    Yea he's not easy, I think I foughth im about 20 times before I actually hit him with my keyblade. I hate his move when he throws that energy ball that follows you. GRR. I send it back then he sends it back, it's like baseball. I'm all mad about it too. But yea man you kick butt, alot better...
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    BBS trailer confusion

    yea like what hades is saying those things have so many mistakes on them. It's not even funny. It's a serious problem. GRRRR why can't people just type the right information.
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    ZOMG! Terra - Level 1 - Decisive Pumpkin - No Damage!

    DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME, your alot better than me, when I fight Terra, good job man. It must took you a while for you start to feel for his moves, he kills me in like one move, and then it's w/e.
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    OH my gosh, guys it's just a game, everything thats in there is fake, I don't know why you guys are overreacting over something like this.
  14. D

    Sora a MURDERER?

    haha I agree with yea maybe theres a side of S.E. that we don't know about. I mean if Disney tried hiding stuff in there movies that invovled sex, then maybe S.E. is dirty too. haha just MY opinion.
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    and to put it at that way, didn't the heartless destroy the orignal form of themselves. Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm just saying why would Sora be consider a murder, when the nobodies, and heartless don't have the right to be. Like what Diz said.
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    i have a question

    Why because Marluixa has pink hair? and why Demnxy he's not gay at all he's just scared of fighting thats all.
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    I need I little help here...

    Need help jsut get rid of all the cards in your deck, and then just add attack cards with high attack damage, and if you have 3 cloud cards that helps too. There you go.
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    who is that!!!

    Can someone please close this thread. I already seen like 15 topics that had the same stuff. Please.
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    i have a question

    There not gay,some people just don't like them because well everyone has different opinions about the game, you can't make someone like the game, they have to play it for them to like it. But don't listen to them. I think Riku, and them are awesome. I like Roxas better than Sora though :'(
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    Is this how Yuffie will look like in BBS?

    I perfer this costume over KH2's costume.