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    Playing on PS4 and the movement isn’t smooth...

    I’m playing on a PS4 slim and I’ve noticed that the movement isn’t smooth at times. The graphics are fine and generally, so is the movement, but it’s REALLY noticeably jagged during cutscenes. For instance, whenever the camera moves, the transition isn’t smooth. Instead, whenever the...
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    Do game stores usually “sell out” days after release?

    I won’t be able to play until next weekend, but I’m planning to stop at Target or GameStop to buy KH3 next Thursday/Friday. I didn’t preorder the game because my original idea was just to purchase it at the store a few days after release. However, I’m nervous that the game might be sold...
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    Are there any Disney movies you have not seen that will be in KH3?

    I’ve seen all movies except Big Hero 6 and the 2011 film of Winne the Pooh with Lumpy. Personally, I’m not going to watch these movies until after I play the game just to experience unfamiliarity as I play through it. I think it’ll be interesting and fun to NOT know who the characters are...
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    I had a dream that Jurassic Park was the new confirmed world

    Just thought I’d share this... Last night, I dreamt that they announced a new world and it was Jurassic Park! I don’t even think it’s a Disney-owned property, but nevertheless, I was super excited when they announced it! I remember seeing Sora riding one of the long neck dinosaurs and a...
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    Should Nomura have confirmed when they revealed all Disney worlds?

    Ok, I know there are many threads on the subject, but I wanted to create one specifically for this question: Do you think Nomura should have announced that all Disney worlds were revealed instead of having fans speculating? I’m content with the Disney worlds we have, but I’m still...
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    The Princess and the Frog world confirmed?

    I haven’t seen much discussion about this on the forum. Apparently, the voice actress of Tiana ‘liked’ a tweet that a user made on Twitter. The tweet itself is fake because the user says that a TPATF world has been confirmed (even though it hasn’t). Because she liked the “bait...
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    The trailer hinting The Jungle Book?

    I’m more convinced than ever that The Jungle Book will appear in KH3. If you pause at 0:20, you can see two large trees in the background. Jungles also have trees. Could this hint to The Jungle Book being in KH3? Why would Nomura feature trees in the trailer if TJB wasn’t in the game...
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    Maleficent’s Council of Villains

    I remember watching the cutscene in the original Kingdom hearts after Sora defeats the heartless boss in Traverse Town. Seeing all those Disney villains gathering around in the shadows, plotting their next move (on top of the chilling music) was remarkable... especially for the first time...
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    What do you think the remaining Disney worlds are?

    Because Nomura mentioned that the amount of Disney worlds in KH3 will be less than KH2 but more than KH1, I’m going to assume we have 2-3 more worlds left to be revealed. Best case scenario, I’ll say we have 3 left. Keep in mind that this is what you THINK will be in the game, not what you...
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    Is Winnie the Pooh confirmed to be in KH3?

    Hey guys, new here. This is something that I’ve never been able to find out. Has it been confirmed anywhere (from a credible source) that KH3 will feature Winnie the Pooh or is it all speculation? We have maybe 2-3 more Disney worlds yet to be revealed, but I can’t tell if 1) Winnie the...