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    my poor sweet child
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    Anti Form-Cool? or Sucky?

    cool concept, tho. it's supposed to suck. it wouldn't be fair to continually use drives so nomura thought of a way to make it a risk. you're not supposed to like it, you're supposed to hate it. by the way, i think you get 1 antipoint for each time you go into a drive form. when you have to...
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    Ok i dont get it? *Spoilers Possible*

    O <---- organization circle. namine -----> * she doesn't get her X because she's not in the organization. she's just like pence, hayner, and olette... nobodies without the X.
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    Sora is too naive in KH2

    sora becomes more mature throughout the game. that's a huge part of the game... sora becoming a man and becoming whole. play the game.
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    Anyone else thinking Passion sounds way better then Sanctuary?

    i personally love sanctuary. much sadder.
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    ahem... before you play kh2... read this...

    you should know its 11:15 (kansas city) right now as i'm typing this... and i JUST got to the main title KH2 about a half an hour ago. DO NOT start playing this game unless you have about 3 to 4 hours to play non-stop... i tried saving and going away... but the prologue is so enthrilling that...
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    if you were correct about riku not being the BFU, thanks a whole lot for spoiling.
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    Has anyone actually.......?

    Anti Spoiler Gamer!
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    KH2 will come out..... TOMORROW. bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...... there'll be...... KH2. if you think this thread was pointless..... then let me sing to you to make you feel better....... KH2 will come out..... TOMORROW. bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...... there'll...
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    sanctuary or passion?

    does anyone have the clips for me to hear?
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    Theme Song Is NOT "Passion".......

    i figured it was old, sorry again. i'm no noob i swear, i just haven't had a computer for the past month and a half.
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    Theme Song Is NOT "Passion".......

    i'm sorry to announce that the theme song to KHII is NOT "passion" it is called "sanctuary" Passion showed yet another style change for Utada, as the song featured a surreal ambience and atmosphere. Strong beats along with soaring vocals produced one of her most unique singles to date. When...
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    cant wait till kh2 U.S. release

    keep praying. but dont' be disappointed if it's not March 2.
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    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    i agree completely.
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    riku's kh2 voice

    ha, i agree.
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    Roxas voice actor

    yes, roxas is his name. welcome back to the forums.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2! Tell what ya know(no spoilers!n_n)

    1. i couldn't possibly share what i know, it would take as much time as there between now and the KH2 american release. 2. that beginning FMV is all over the net by now. 3. i'm glad you're waiting to buy the game, that makes you an ANTI-SPOILER GAMER. paste that in your sig.
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    KH 2 question

    aren't the coop moves the drive form moves?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 sells 1 million copies

    DIZneyfan... shhhhhh!
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    how ironic

    i agree, this is a spoiler. lucky for you, someone already spoiled it for me by not warning me first, so i cannot bitch at you that much. *me bitching at you: ...grrr....