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  1. Zangetsu

    3 years

    I cant believe i have been here for 3 whole years...already lol but hey lets make it even more
  2. Zangetsu

    Ps3 game recomendations

    As title says. I'm looking for some games. Preferably Action/ Adventure/ Shooting/ Rpg type games and dont tell me to get games that havent come out
  3. Zangetsu

    Caboose has retired

    I have retired from my old name :) just letting you guys know i'm not gone i just changed my name
  4. Zangetsu

    Computer lock-up problem

    On my personal computer, when i turn it on and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes or i start the internet up everythings fine till suddenly it locks-up and i was wondering if anyon has a clue how to resolve this issue ~Caboose
  5. Zangetsu

    Caboose Returns :3

    Yes i have returned and i feel better now that everythings past, and yes im a little early but hey I'm back and hope to catch up on everything
  6. Zangetsu

    Goodbye..For Now

    Hey guys, I know i've been absent a lot lately and well now i'm gonna be gone for about 3weeks to a month partly cause my grandma just past away, i broke my leg and life at home hasn't been all that great lately so i just wanna say goodbye for now ;~; I WILL RETURN! ♥♥♥ Caboose
  7. Zangetsu

    World of Warcraft Question

    I have a question okay so for the lastest WoW game the burning crusade and how they made an expansion pack my question is Do you need the original game install and then install the expansion set or can you just buy the expansion set and just play the game?
  8. Zangetsu

    What games did you get for Christmas?

    ^ what title asks I got Call of Duty 4 (ps3) GH 3 (ps3) UT 3 (ps3) Warriors Orochi (ps3 *had it for ps2) Legend of Zelda (DS) and will get more at my moms :D
  9. Zangetsu

    Warriors Orochi

    I was wondering does anyone else here but me own/ like this game or one of the two that were combined into it? I like the combo cause there both so alike and i own dynasty warriors 1-5 and empires for DW 4. I use to own samurai Warriors 1 but cd got ruined but i've got #2. Few gameplay videos...
  10. Zangetsu

    ~///Frozen Inferno Icy Club///~

    This is a remake of icys fanclub welcome back man! sssh don't tell him i made it he might hug Members Frozen Inferno Caboose AngelofFate Reckless Chaos Dawning Twilight TrueBeliever
  11. Zangetsu

    Pokeing game of pokeyness

    The point of this game is poke the person above you! Ex: "Pokes Caboose ...Do you like pie?" Its so simple your baby sister or brother can do it with you to! {YES i misspelled the title}
  12. Zangetsu

    ~// Devil May Cry Fanclub \\~

    (yes i'm making yet another one) Hello newcomers to the awesome capcom series....Devil May Cry!!!! Here we talk about news on DMC 4 -in the future 5 (if they make one)- Discuss fav. characters, fav. game, styles and so on Here if you join you need to choose a person from the DMC series...
  13. Zangetsu

    The Princess Namine Fanclub

    This goes to the wonder and sweet Princess Namine a.k.a Nami. Hope we have fun and show lots of love Members Me (duh) Gullwing Yunie Princess Namine (duh its about her) Frozen Fate NeloAngelo wae416
  14. Zangetsu

    //@ The Caboose FC @\\

    I'm tired of getting nagged at so i gonna wait til someone makes one for me
  15. Zangetsu

    Devil May Cry -The Remix-

    I decided to make a new DMC fanclub due to the other one dying and all the past event that happend.In this one were having positions even though it won't seem like much but i'll explain it alot later Demon Ranks: Demon Leader Sparda: Caboose(Me of course) Demon Leaders Dirty Workers...
  16. Zangetsu

    Metroid Prime: Hunters (DS) help needed

    I need help getting sylux's shock coil and traces sniper for adventure mode.Anyone know how to get?
  17. Zangetsu

    LostMagic (DS)

    Anyone else here play it or hear about it?
  18. Zangetsu

    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (help needed)

    I have a question for the lake Hylia temple How do you get all the water to start going threw the temple?
  19. Zangetsu

    Caboose FC (Not me the RvB one)

    This is a fanclub for caboose (for the last time its not me) the funniest,retardest one one on Rvb so this is where we talk about him here Oh ya on the poll srry I forgot the "He" part in the first answer Members/Codenames: Caboose/Fluffy UltamaSora/Crunchbite Protofan/ Mythological Omega/...
  20. Zangetsu

    I Hate You Game

    This is new game where you say why i hate you XD "I Hate You cause you can't spell worth a crap!" Something to that nature