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  1. Alpha Baymax

    Yo why doesnt Xemnas have a Keyblade?

    If any of the other Organization XIII members saw him wield a Keyblade, they'd question why he's not out there slaying Heartless to get hearts which in turn breaks Organization XIII corporate facade of recreating Kingdom Hearts to reclaim their hearts.
  2. Alpha Baymax

    News ► Dengeki KHMOM interview translated, Nomura says he will announce "something good" in 2022

    This is a very coded response. He reiterates that Xehanort's presence isn't going to be important moving forward, however, he never mentioned anything about the importance of the extended cast which means that every other character in Dark Road is fair game for future story relevance.
  3. Alpha Baymax

    Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

    XV characters aren't going to be in Kingdom Hearts as Verum Rex seems to be a reimagining of Versus XIII.
  4. Alpha Baymax

    News ► Unreal Engine Spotlight focuses on KINGDOM HEARTS 3

    That 2022 game is going to look visually stumning.
  5. Alpha Baymax

    Theory: Yozora and The Nameless Star parallel Sora and Riku in Dream Drop Distance

    What I don't understand is if the Yozora we see is not his real body then why does he wake up looking the same after the secret battle?
  6. Alpha Baymax

    Yo why doesnt Xemnas have a Keyblade?

    If he used a Keyblade then there'd be no point in using Sora, Roxas and Xion.
  7. Alpha Baymax

    On what Console will you buy Melody of Memory?

    I'm a handheld gamer at heart so the Switch Lite is perfect for me, I didn't need the regular Switch because I use a PS4 for multiplatform games. That being said, I was thinking of buying this game for Switch but I ultimately decided to select the PS4 instead because of the PS5 backwards...
  8. Alpha Baymax

    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    I watched my older sibling play the numbered games on PS2 and I finally played my first entry in the series which was Dream Drop Distance.
  9. Alpha Baymax

    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    The rest of the cast are in the regular reality, they can visit those worlds or Sora can visit them when he escapes the Verum Rex world.
  10. Alpha Baymax

    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was an underwhelming movie but it made for one of the best Disney worlds to date so I don't think you should look at the quality of the feature film to see whether it would be a compatible world for Kingdom Hearts. Assuming it's Yozora and his companions who are...
  11. Alpha Baymax

    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-invites-game-developers-tell-original-stories-popular-franchises-1278814 Spider-Man PS4 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has given Disney the confidence to let developers reimagine their intellectual properties. Kingdom Hearts is no exception...
  12. Alpha Baymax

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    A good starting point for Kairi's character development is to not have everything revolve around Sora. If a character is centred in promotional material, that's symbolicly represents them being the central character. Take this image for example. Ventus and Marluxia/Lauriam are the more...
  13. Alpha Baymax

    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    This theory is blowing my mind and retroactively validates Xehanort reasoning for summoning Kingdom Hearts in Kingdom Hearts III. If Young Xehanort visited the world of Verum Rex and wanted to recreate his reality just like Verum Rex with a reset, that would explain his carelessness for the...
  14. Alpha Baymax

    Versus XIII Leaks could hint to Verum Rex

    This topic has turned into a treasure trove for Versus XIII content. Incorrect, Final Fantasy XVI is using it. Please make a dedicated thread to the truth about Versus XIII. Take your time with it because I know it's going to be a good read.
  15. Alpha Baymax

    Original stories for Pixar worlds

    Apology accepted. The way that you said "I figured" gave the impression that you originated the idea so I just had to point that out.
  16. Alpha Baymax

    Original stories for Pixar worlds

    Hmm... now why does this idea sound so familiar. 🤔
  17. Alpha Baymax

    Versus XIII Leaks could hint to Verum Rex

    You're a human encylopedia of Versus XIII knowledge, thank you. Here's a compilation of Versus XIII sources for those want citations.
  18. Alpha Baymax

    What do you predict the worlds of Kingdom Hearts IV will be(realistically, not what you want them to be)

    Original Hub World The Princess and the Frog The Incredibles Moana Coco Frozen 2 Zootopia Oz the Great and Powerful Verum Rex World We have two Pixar worlds, worlds where you transform (The Incredibles, Coco, Zootopia, Oz the Great and Powerful), potential Princess of Heart worlds (The Princess...