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  1. xStarSeekerx

    Real Quick

    I've Kinda been out of the whole KH thing for a while and i just want to know what the new games that are coming out are. i kno that theres 3DS...but is that all? and has anything new been proven? or is MF still MF and are there still like 20 Sora clones
  2. xStarSeekerx

    Partyy planning NEED HELP

    ok so im throwing my birthday party soon and im kinda stuck on what im gonna do. so its gonna be at my place pizza soda (not to much alcohol) music (just the party stuff, like a g6, bottoms up, etc.) i have kinect for the 360 and am i missing anything else?
  3. xStarSeekerx

    Who Knows everything?

    alright so i know that alot of us here know the entire story of KH< and the only things that seem confusing to us are the unexplained plot holes. but who in the GAME knows everything? is it yen sid? ATW? Mickey? is there some1 who knows exactly whats going on and has had a connection with...
  4. xStarSeekerx

    To all those who have played RE: Coded or saw the cutscenes ~ SPOILERS RE:CODED SPOILERS

    so what did u guys think of the game? What did you guys think about Namine being the source of the bugs? and that in the journal when it said "Thank Namine" was actually what you literally had to do! Lol i think is pretty well thought out
  5. xStarSeekerx

    Birth By Sleep Fridge Brilliance, TAV's fates were pre determined.

    i don't know if this was already posted already, but i stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty cool you know how in the end of BBS, each of the main Characters end up in a different realm. Aqua - Realm of Darkness Ven - Realm of In-Between Terra - Realm of Light well you know how in the...
  6. xStarSeekerx

    re:coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have

    re:coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have im sure almost everyone has noticed that Yen Sid is stacked on Starseekers So in bbs: Mickey uses the starseeker given to him by yen sid, he kicks ass with it. then in the end he goes to give it back out of shame, but yen sid lets him...
  7. xStarSeekerx

    Roxas? from Ven or Sora?

    so Sora is related by heart (literally) to all these people Ven Roxas Xion so ven's heart is inside of soras. just the pure heart of light no darkness. and roxas is the soras nobody and xion is a roxas clone my question is: is roxas a nobody of sora or ven i mean all the nobodies look like...
  8. xStarSeekerx

    Poll: Best Keyblade, which of these keyblades will be in KHIII

    So whihc of those Keyblades do u guys think looks the best and will be in KHIII i guess title says all lol. cast ur opinions and votes
  9. xStarSeekerx

    Sora giving it back.

    So Sora has to give Ven'a heart back right? to wake him up. whats gonen happen to sora 1. Will he still be able to wield a keyblade? 2. Will he lost some of his power 3. Will he lose ability to duel wiled wil everything stay the same? will he absorb ven?
  10. xStarSeekerx


    Does Terranort (the wise, scientist) lose his memories. does he remember about aqua ven, he true goals and all that?
  11. xStarSeekerx

    Kingdom Hearts ages?!? help plz

    Alright so in KH 1 sora and kairi were 14 and riku was 15 (everyone knows that) KHII sora and kairi were 15 and riku was 16 BBS: is aqua and terra 18? they look like 18 year old to me as for ven i mean i cant really tell his age, his voice kinda gives me that 12 maybe 13 year old kid, but...
  12. xStarSeekerx

    Organization XIII ~ not so bad :/

    I mean hear me out. So they are incomplete beings that are stuck in the realm between the RoL and RoD. and all they're doing is trying to make an artificial kingdom hearts so they can have hearts, and have emotions and live, be free! is that so bad alright, i guess Xemnas isn't someone we...
  13. xStarSeekerx

    Halloween Partyy help

    alright im throwing a huge halloween party, and being high school student, i really don't know any good halloween partyy games other than appl bobbing. (which we're doing) but my co planners say that we should hav emore. any ideas?
  14. xStarSeekerx

    KH NEW SAGA. just thinking

    i was just thinking what would be cool for a new saga, and i thought to myself something like, a battle or keyblade masters Like there are bound to be a load of other keyblade wielders in other worlds, so i was thinking a sag where sora goes and fightes the keyblade wielders to be ranked the...
  15. xStarSeekerx

    Cooking up the ultimate weapon in BbS - Ingredients?

    What are the requirements to make the x blade. i know this much 1. Extract all darkness from a person without killing them. 2. the darkness you extract must fight the pure hearted person 3. the pure hearted person must be able to wield a keyblade (not sure about this one) what else am i...
  16. xStarSeekerx

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS why?

    if the game is supposed to be taken place after coded then why does sora and riku look like they do from KH1
  17. xStarSeekerx

    Kairi Namine. please explain this to me

    Yeah namine is Kairi's nobody Nobodies are born when one becomes a heartless Kairi never became a heartless so uhh... what is namine doing breathing? she shouldnt be around or is she?
  18. xStarSeekerx

    Kingdom Hearts da next SAGA

    what do u guys think it will be? be about? is there anything so far that hints to the next saga? will there be new characters? is it the origin of the keyblade war? all opinions are welcome! ( no seriously don't bash anyone else's opinion, not cool )
  19. xStarSeekerx

    Help me out with my Halloween Party!!

    so im throwing a halloween party, and this is what the music that im planning on playing, please tell me any good hip/hop party songs, or if there is a song on here that is really bad thank you 1. Yeah - Usher - great song to start out with 2. Low - Flo Rida 3. Temperature - Sean Paul 4...
  20. xStarSeekerx

    Birth By Sleep FINAL MIX: Cast your opinion on Who the Mysterious Figure might be!

    alright now that BBS Final MIx is coming out there are probably gonna be more hints as to who the hell myserious Figure is. so. No matter how stupid, and crazy your guesses are u have to post who you think he/she might be. It could even be goofy who knows! tell us your opinion (dont have to...