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  1. Kevin_Keyblade

    Please help, Problems with facebook

    Hey guys! I have a problem, you see I'm playing this game in bluestacks because I thought I couldn't play the game in my tablet but I found a solution and I can play it now but there is a problem, everytime I'm trying to migrate my data to my tablet it says "Failed to log in to Facebook" I don't...
  2. Kevin_Keyblade

    Nomura on the title of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, 0.1 in Kingdom Hearts 3

    Ufff thank God.... I feel more relaxed.... So in other words, 2017 is the year for KHIII
  3. Kevin_Keyblade

    Any translator please?

    Hello guys, while I was trying to join a team, this appears, what is this?
  4. Kevin_Keyblade

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    Oh god! This is freaking awesome! I love this boxart! better than 1.5, haha dat Xehanort's face tho
  5. Kevin_Keyblade

    Hello There, Keyblade Masters

    Nice to meet you guys! My name is Kevin, I Live in Ecuador and I would like to say Hi to everyone, I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts Series, and I had so much hype for previous announcements haha! I hope we can be friends and be partners on the Kingdom Hearts Knowledge For now I'm just playing...