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  1. GrovyleTheThief

    If you could go back in time to KH3's development, what changes would you make?

    - Add Deep Space as a returning world, and Forgotten Capital (Atlantis: the Lost Empire) as a new world. Deep Space would have a Hawaii section, and outer space areas, such as Jumba's Lab, and more areas in the Turo building. You'd use the free-roaming Gummi ship in the world and have a few...
  2. GrovyleTheThief

    What was your Favorite world in all kingdom hearts games

    Port Royal in KH3 was vast and had many optional areas and underwater combat. The original story sections with the fake Jack made by Calypso and finding the cave ship were cool. Shame Sora and co stay away from the film plot most of the time. And many scenes REALLY assume you've already seen the...
  3. GrovyleTheThief

    On how the ending of KH1 left a lot of people stranded

    I assumed they were still in Traverse Town and that Pinocchio became a real boy shortly before the end of KH1. If that's really Gepetto's original cottage, then doesn't look any different from the one in Traverse Town.
  4. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Retrospective

    Necroposting, but I don't care, haha. Wanted to point this out for a while. People say that the Mickey's House area is from Mickey's Orphans, and I can certainly see why. The cartoon is set at Christmas time, and if you look closely around the room, you can see that it's snowing outside and...
  5. GrovyleTheThief

    RUMOR: Screenshots of Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially leaked?

    Wouldn't mind if this was real. Hope we can fight Randall as a boss. Honestly, I actually love the Unversed, even if they were pretty much filler enemies in BBS. I like the designs.
  6. GrovyleTheThief

    This game is shit

    One of my main complaints with Birth by Sleep is how you get forced into command styles when attacking, even if you don't want to. Gets annoying when you're trying to spam thunder and magnet for Prize Pods. ---
  7. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    Terra and Ven's ice creams and resulting command styles are exclusive to them, but Aqua's Royalberry can be obtained by Terra as well, even though the prize is described as an "ice cream flavor just for you". I guess it's even stranger because Aqua's award is the canon one. ----
  8. GrovyleTheThief

    Some of the Disney world's stories make no sense RE:COM *spoilers*

    ...Yeah, I always thought it was dumb how you start in Main Street, then go backwards to the Plaza when you're trying to get to the palace. I know it's a memory world, but still.
  9. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    Yeah, Aqua's visit to Dwarf Woodlands is...subpar. Another part that bugs me is how Aqua and the Dwarfs (dwarves?) try to find a way to "help" Snow White wake up. Didn't the dwarves assume she was dead from the poisoned apple? Wouldn't ANY NORMAL PERSON assume that? --- I was going to bring...
  10. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    The Unversed eyes that Aqua sees are those of the Cursed Coach (the black ones on the pumpkin), rather than the Symphony Master. Edit: [I] Terra also has the two Skull Rock rooms.
  11. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    You might already know this, but the Blobmob was intended to be a boss, but was "scrapped" and remade into a regular enemy...late in development. Was it before or after they finished recording voice lines? ----
  12. GrovyleTheThief

    Missing dalmatians 43, 44, 45.

    Those aren't in Agrabah in either the original version or Final Mix. In Final Mix/1.5, you get them from activating the white trinity in Neverland. (on the pirate ship deck) ----
  13. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    I like how you just go straight from the forest to the castle courtyard, skipping over the entire town. It's even more awkward in Aqua's story, where the Duke refers to the Tremaine's chateau as the "closest residence" to the castle when they actually live all the way on the other side of the...
  14. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    That is actually the exit that leads to the Fountain Court on the lower level of the Aquaduct. It's just that the minimaps in BBS don't change with different floors. Speaking of which, the Lamp Chamber map in 358/2 Days shows a black door (that signifies an entrance that is currently locked)...
  15. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    Lucky Ven gets to explore nearly every area in this world. Same goes for Radiant Garden where the only place he doesn't access is the Purification Facility where Terra fights Braig. You forgot to mention that the only save points in Ven's visit are way back at Aurora's room and the Forest...
  16. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    Aqua's boss used to be the only one in Dwarf Woodlands that I found odd, but when I think about it, the Mad Treant seems weird as well. All the other Unversed bosses are being an immediate threat to the surrounding people or places, but the Treant is just standing there in the woods. "it's...
  17. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective

    I watched NicoB play through BBS for the first time and he kept mentioning throughout Ven's story that it would arguably make sense in hindsight to do his story before Terra's because you keep hearing about these things that Terra does in the worlds and so it would give a sense of mystery before...
  18. GrovyleTheThief

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Retrospective

    Was anybody else really dissapointed at how giving Xion the Zero Gear in Mission Mode didn't let you play as her armored form? (like how you could play as dual-wield Roxas) Shame she becomes nothing more than an inferior clone of Roxas by endgame.
  19. GrovyleTheThief

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    Making the sky brighter for Sora's Wargoyle fight seems rather arbitrary. Not as epic as the hellish/sunset sky from before. The following cutscene with Frollo and Riku's Wargoyle fight are unchanged from the original. Tried posting a pic from my clipboard but the forums kept forcing me to...
  20. GrovyleTheThief

    Is Mysterious Tower really its own seperate world?

    I was wondering about this. In BBS, Yen Sid's tower was regarded as its own world, but what if Terra, Ven, and Aqua are still visiting the Twilight Town world, but just with the name changed? Since the focus this time is entirely on the tower, and the town is nowhere to be seen (aside from that...