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  1. TheRealMoB

    Some Questions for ya

    1) If both Xemnas and Ansem SoD were killed, what is left of Terra to be saved? Its not like the body of Xehanort the apprentice is still around..... A) Unless enough of Terra is left in his armor? Speaking of which, what part of terra is in his armor? 2) Why was the Chi-Blade incomplete...
  2. TheRealMoB

    Few quick questions about Ven (No spoilers)

    1) Best way to get Time Splicer and Salvation 2) Why do i only have one shotlock and im already fighting Captain Hook? 3) Is there a sort of counter move similar to Terra's? You know, the one so that was so convenient in Terra's final boss fight?
  3. TheRealMoB

    Any Tips for *Spoiler* Battle?

    Any tips for fighting on proud mode?
  4. TheRealMoB

    Stuck on Zack... Please help lol (Proud Mode)

    ^^Topic. He seems unbeatable. Id rather be fighting MF right now.
  5. TheRealMoB

    Is it worth it....

    I only recently dusted off my PSP to warm it up for KH:BBS (with some good old Dissidia). I have a REALLY old memory stick like a 500mb cuz i almost never play it. Now is it worth it to buy a new memory stick (2gb for $25 i believe) just for the data install? Or should i suffer from the...
  6. TheRealMoB

    BBS Review! 5 of 5 Stars!

    I dunno if this was posted, and i didnt read myself just saw the 5 of 5 lol Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep review | Electricpig
  7. TheRealMoB

    About the new secret boss...

    What are the odds, do you guys think, we actually discover the secret boss's identity before the next KH game in the series? (KH:FM===>KH2 and KH2:FM=====>KH:BBS)
  8. TheRealMoB

    Is there any difference

    Between the U.S and UK version of BBS? Cause i kinda want the limited edition but idk if there are any differences between them that may turn me off.