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  1. nubstyle


    Well, I haven't seen a thread for this show, so I made one. Anybody here watch it?
  2. nubstyle

    DDD for PSP

    I know based on the title you're probably thinking: "U mad? its Called KH3D cause its fro 3DS" Well, there was Data Related to KHDDD was found in BBSFM. So perhaps, based on this, a PSP version might be released. Here's some backup Info. The Systems are parallel in strength and controls, the...
  3. nubstyle

    Wait what?

    I just searched Kingdom Hearts on GameFAQS to find an FAQ on CoM. and I saw title called Trinity Master Pieces. I searched it up on KHWiki and learned that it's a compaliation of KH1, CoM and KH2. AM i the only one that didnt know about this? Also, seeing as how a compaliation exsits, do you...
  4. nubstyle

    How do you fight VS?

    Title says it all.........
  5. nubstyle

    Tron stage in MA?

    Look what i found!!! http://www.electricpig.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/birth-by-sleep-7.jpg
  6. nubstyle

    Musicals in BBs?

    Obtained from Gamestop GS: How will the North American version be different from the Japanese version? TN: There are a variety of new elements, including Critical mode, which takes the difficulty level beyond Proud mode, key blades, abilities, minigame maps and songs. We're also unleashing a...
  7. nubstyle

    Battle System

    For KH3, which battle system should they use? Classic? or BBS's Battle System?
  8. nubstyle


    Im not sure if this is the right section but, Which Scenario was hardest for you? For me it was Ven's.
  9. nubstyle

    BBS Trailer

    i was looking at some bbs trailers when i saw this and noticed alot of that wasnt in the game. Like those blue mountains from Radiant garden. Do you think its possible to go there with cheat codes?
  10. nubstyle

    Beginning of KH 2

    Remember when Xemnas and Roxas were talking in the beginning of the game and Xemnas says: "He looks a lot like you." Maybe he was talking about Ven and not Sora.
  11. nubstyle

    )MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)saw this somewhere

    i was searching the forums and i saw somewhere that maybe the new game was about rescuing terra and some other guy said they defeated him twice now it'll be kinda hard. well riku still has part or Xeanhort so thats enough to bring back Terra right????
  12. nubstyle

    Ven = Unborn Sora and Roxas

    it makes sense and all, so maybe its true