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    Hidden Fees

    Not sure what section this should be in but next week im sponsoring a bill for my government class about banning hidden fees in food chains and resteraunts. The kind of stuff when your at a resteraunt and the waiter will ask if you want a refiil and you say yes without knowing your being...
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    Ok so theres this girl that im gunna ask to homecoming and I need some creative ideas on how to ask her. I dont wanna make it super romantic cus I just wanna go as a friend but at the same time I really want to do something original if you know what I mean. Ideas would be greatly appreciated...
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    Couldnt find another thread like this so i decided to make it myself. Ive had a real craving for riddles as of late so if people could share it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Creative Ways to present my lab final

    Ok, so for my honors chem class we have this lab final due. Its a written report with a purpose, procedure etc. However, you can get up to 10 extra credit points for how you present it. For example inpast years people have done stuff like putting it in a folder marked CLASSIFED and for your...
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    The "Friend" Problem

    I had mentioned this in dating problems, but I thought I would make it a thread cause I would like more feedback and I think some of you guys could probably relate to it. Well anyway, I have a problem with girls, they will think im funny and all, but when it comes down to it, would probably not...
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    nonchalant hang outs

    This might be a really stupid question, but reffering to my previous thread, there's this girl who I like and want to ask her to do a group activity so does anybody know of any things to do with people thats kinda just "Non-Schalont" and doesnt imply anything, and if so, whats a good way to ask...
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    Girl advice

    Damn I feel pathetic asking for advice again but whatev. Theres this girl at school that I like who I want 2 ask out but not sure if I should. I know she likes me as a friend and thinks I'm hella funny, but I'm not sure she would want a relationship, shes just not that type of girl. I dont...
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    Barack Hussein

    http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIc-obMasFE Its pretty incredible how stupid people can be, this is just one of many videos and some people actually beleive it, one of my friends dad thinks this way and always tells me how insane my parants are for voting for him. What do you say to...
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    PSP internet help

    Whenever I try to get on the internet it always says A connection error has occured. The attempt to obtain the IP adress timed out. Anyone know what that means? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    kh ringtones

    Too lazy to search other threads, I got to the right site and all but does anyone actually know how to find them.
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    Watch this.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UOGgUdNhVM This is really disturbing.
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    Duke lacrosse case.

    This is rediculous! The evidence is astounding, yet their charges still havent been dropped! Anyone agree? For those of you who dont know, 3 lacrosse players were chraged of rape about a year ago, by an african american stripper, but yet, there was no DNA found, some of the 3 left the...
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    Casino royale

    How was there not been a thread about this, that movie was incredible, I think it was the best bond movie yet. Craig was fantastic in it.
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    Naruto and bleach fillers!

    Anyone know when they will end? I heard naruto ends on feb 15th, is that true? Bleach I have no clue, plus, anyone know when the naruto and bleach movies come out?
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    Havn't been on in a while, but with the org fights harder than sephy in final mix, do you think thats just the COM ones? Bcause it would be awsome if like the kh2 members like Saix and Xaldin could be fought again at much higher levels.
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    Anime showdown, Bleach VS Naruto!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok which anime do you think is cooler, personlly I can decide, here is two absolutly amazing amvs for both to help you decide which show is cooler. Bleach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5EG88jk_nA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fatfD3U8GY Naruto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KIMlssm72s...
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    Kakashi vs obi wan

    Ok based on what we have seen they can do who would win? From seeing revenge of the sith obi wan seemes pretty good, but still isnt as good as kakashi, what do you think?
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    Martial arts

    Hey I just wanted to know how many martial artists like myself are on this forum, please state your style, belt rank or rank and how many years. For me I do bok-fu-do or system of the white tiger which is kenpou or a type of kung fu, I have been going for seven years and just got my brown belt.
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    I'm freaked out!

    Ok I know this in the wrong section but the most posts are here, on one of my threads someone posted something as me! THe only one who knows my password is my bro and he forgot it a long time ago! Plus I asked him and he very sincerly said it wasnt him, they didnt really make me look bad but...
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    Zabuza vs cloud

    Who would win, they both have really huge swords the weight doesnt really matter though I just put that in so you would have an idea of how they are used.