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  1. Vulpeus1041

    Maleficent in khx?

    Alright it's theory time, January is around the corner and that means khx update right? There is only one world that is left to explore and that's enchanted dominion. In the interview that dude said two things, wait for the game I can't answer, and the worlds of khx were specifically chosen...
  2. Vulpeus1041

    The traitor among the unions

    Looking through the foretellers I noticed something amiss. Of all the foretellers there was one that seems different. If you look carefully anguis is the only one covering their mouth The plot thickens
  3. Vulpeus1041

    Keyblade into different weapons

    So I was watching the fight with the lingering will when I noticed that it turned it's ends of the earth into another weapon, I'd say it looked like a hammer? And then use his keyblade glider during battle, my question is, do you think Sora and gang get to use keyblade gliders and will everyone...
  4. Vulpeus1041

    What would their keyblade look like, Hawaii edition

    Hey peoples! I wanted to start a discussion/ artsy thread about fan keyblades. And I don't mean black version of the kk, or a half oblivion half oathkeeper. I'm talking about, we choose a world, let's say, Hawaii, Earth. Then we chose characters and take it from there. What do you guys say?