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  1. darkheart709

    The Wonderful The Wonderful 101 Threadl

    The Wonderful 101 is out in Europe and Japan right now and will be out Sept 15 for NA. Anyone have it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNefE89DZds Iwata Asks
  2. darkheart709

    Official KH3D NA Release Date!

    Official KH3D NA Release Date! - Kingdom Hearts Insider Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]will be released on July 31, 2012 in North America!
  3. darkheart709

    Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

    Was hoping NoA was going to localize this SHort Mini Movie mde for the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96p0bmiRsU4
  4. darkheart709

    Playstation Vita requires a memory card for some of its games

    Looking around here I didn't see anyone bring it up. Apparently Vita requires a memory card for some of its games, the games wont even start up unless you have one. Also you have to use Sony's Memory cards. I don't now how much Sony plans on selling the memory Cards in Na and Eu but the Japanese...
  5. darkheart709


    GOTCHA! Actually Epic Mickey sold 1.32 Million in its first month and Disney is very pleased with the sales. Disney's Epic Mickey video game sells 1.3 million copies in first month | Company Town | Los Angeles Times Epic Mickey did very well in its first month, despite some analyst and people...
  6. darkheart709

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception(Out 2011 Teaser Trailer)

    'Uncharted' exclusive: Your first look at 2011's must-play videogame 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception' | PopWatch | EW.com all from popwatch.ew.com Also there's a teaser trailer for the game at the bottom of the website i linked
  7. darkheart709

    Birth By Sleep Sales

    BBS managed to get No. 6 on the NPD for September. Better than I thought it would do so thats good. Also worth noting is that NPD now combines all multiplatform games into 1 now so Birth by Sleep did very well among those other games, lets see how its legs go. The Top 10 NPD for September...
  8. darkheart709

    Amazon BBS Pre-sale bonus

    Didn't see anyone mention this but if you preorder from amazon you get $10 off your next video game purchase from them as well as the psp light and dark decals Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Video Games good deal if you use amazon alot. Just thought i let you all know edit: know...
  9. darkheart709

    XENOBLADE Monolith Studio's New Wii RPG

    Site went up today XENOBLADE ƒ[ƒmƒuƒŒƒCƒh Wow Nintendo is on the ball today with these first party announcements
  10. darkheart709

    Okami And Okamiden

    Okami DS GoNintendo - Okamiden heading to DS! YES!!! glad this came to the DS. Hopefully more info at TGS First details - Full title: Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou - new wolf: Chibiterasu - events take place a few months after the end of Okami - Issun is accompanying Chibiterasu to meet up with...
  11. darkheart709

    Metroid Series Discussion

    Definition of epic i know there isn't a "the" in there. my mistake
  12. darkheart709

    Golden Sun DS Annnounced

    golden sun was just announced. i'll update with new info when it is available
  13. darkheart709

    The Grinder

    IGN: Pre-E3 2009: The Grinder Revealed Do want!!! A Left 4 dead style game with Vampires, werewolfs, and more.
  14. darkheart709

    God of War 3

    Don't know what happened to the last thread but heres a new one. Making this because that new trailer is suppose to show tonight
  15. darkheart709

    A Next Metal Gear is

    http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/mgst/?ref=kjp_eng i don't know what this is for. new metal gear game for 360 maybe, the color gives me that impression
  16. darkheart709

    Coded Gameplay and KH Mobile

    YouTube - 08-10-11-Coded like the gameplay
  17. darkheart709

    BBS footage

    Gamekyo : Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep first gameplay video from TGS ! didn't see this posted anywhere. if it was i apologize edit: gamekyo is a bitch to load and bad sound
  18. darkheart709

    Halo 3 ODST

    New trailer showed at TGS Bungie.net : Inside Bungie : News discuss Info:
  19. darkheart709

    No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

    Gametrailers.com - No More Heroes 2 - TGS 08: Debut Trailer Discuss