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  1. Soulkeeperx

    "A connection error has occurred"

    Is anyone getting this message a lot now? Since a few days ago I've been getting this message when I try to play, making it unplayable. My WiFi is fine, I made no changes to my router, 1 out of 12 tries to trying to log in will be successful, same goes for switching between different events, the...
  2. Soulkeeperx

    Unchained X NA release?

    Seems like SE announced it back in the Summer and just kinda...forgot? Did they say anything about it recently at Jump Festa? They said they wanted a new KH game each year; last year we got 2.5, and this year we'll get, hopefully, Unchained X, as of the time of this post there's only 9 days left...
  3. Soulkeeperx

    Ancient Highway level 3, need help with last treasure!

    The very last piece of treasure I need to be done with the Gummi Ship missions is the Darkness piece you get from Ancient Highway level 3. I read a FAQ and it said you have to kill the Wheel Reaper in 1-2 hits (which I've been doing) then to focus on Speeders to the front and left of you. I've...