• Regarding KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Spoilers

    Copies of KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory are out in the wild, which means spoilers are likely to appear at any point. Although this game has very few cutscenes and story content, we still request that users follow our standard spoiler procedures.

    KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory spoiler policy will end on December 13th, 2020.

    Spoiler threads will need to be tagged with the "Spoiler" prefix. Discussion inside of the thread does not need to be put under spoiler tags, so it is at your discretion to use them.

    Spoilers outside of spoiler threads MUST be hidden using the spoiler tag.

    If you do not follow these rules, your account will be banned.

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    is this new??

    is this new??,cause i never saw it,plz dont flame if its old... http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjYHemY7TVA&search=kh2
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    Tales of symphonia help!!!(may contain spoiler)

    @4 all u that have beaten the game@ U know in tales of symphonia, 1how do u go back to the fire seal,i wanna form a pact. 2where do u get the dragons to fly to the tower of salvation? 3what lvl am i supposed to be in the tower of salvation? 4how do u perform a 5 hit u attack???,like all 4...
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    one tinsy tiny question

    is demyx a girl or a boy?(answer it for a rep point,that i will give u later)plz tell me:confused: P.S.i think this dosnt belong here
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    hi everone!

    hi everyone! i dont know if u know me, ive been posting lately, anyways would anyone want 2 be my friend?