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  1. robotman

    What world are you most looking to play in?

    Out of the revealed worlds, what one are you most looking to playing in? Mine is easily Scala Ad Caelum.
  2. robotman

    Name Disney and Non-Disney secret bosses you want in the game?

    Bored, so question time again, what Disney or Non-Disney bosses do you want in the game? Here's my list: Non-Disney - Sephiroth (we need him again!) - Gilgamesh (sounds like he'd be an amazing boss, he'd be seeking out the keyblade to add to his many other weapons) Disney - Madam Mim or Yzma...
  3. robotman

    Why do you think people post fake spoilers?

    From the beginning of this year we've seen lots of supposed leaks, one has been right (the Monsters Inc leak) but there has been so many since then that have been leaked and lots of them are false. Why do you think people make up fake leaks? Do you think it's as simple as them just wanting...
  4. robotman

    Have any of you noticed that the lip-sync is totally off?

    I've just re-watched all the latest trailers and the lip-sync is horrendous, the mouth movements don't fit with words when the characters are talking. I know that it's just a trailer but it'll really annoy me if it's not fixed in the final version. I mean why would they post a trailer when the...
  5. robotman

    Do any of you want A Bug's Life world?

    No one is talking about this film but I really think that it'd be kind of awesome... I think the environment would be so great on this engine and it's something different, also seeing SDG transform into insects would be cool. It'll never happen but would you like to see it? Do you think it may...
  6. robotman

    Anyone else worried about the game? Especially due to how information is being handled now.

    Sorry but this is really piss-poor to me. The came is coming out in 2 months time and there's hardly any hype and hardly any information? What are they doing? Saving it all for Christmas? I don't want to sound like I'm moaning but I'm moaning, I've been so excited for this game and I've been...
  7. robotman

    What would ruin the game for you?

    This may sound silly but the game would be ruined for me if they don't have an epic multistage boss behind a door saying "once you enter you cannot return, do you wish to continue". I need the finale to be EPIC. I want to feel like I felt when I first played the final bosses in KH1 & KH2, I kept...
  8. robotman

    Are any of you worried about the performance of the game on a base PS4?

    I don't know why but after seeing the last trailer it looks like too much and I've got a bad feeling that it's going to be a glitchy mess with terrible frame rate and loads of stutters. Most of the gameplay has been on the PS4 Pro and they haven't mentioned anything about the normal PS4. Am I...
  9. robotman

    Anyone else feel a little jaded about the latest trailer?

    I'm super happy about the reveals in the trailer but I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed, I think it's because I (we) already knew that Big Hero 6 was a world, so I've got nothing to be excited for, they teased the "real" organisation again and also showed off the world (which we...
  10. robotman

    I'm annoyed because we're not "overwhelmed" with information...

    They said that it would be hard to keep up and there has been nothing since E3... Literally nothing, it's so disappointing because I keep expecting things and there's nothing... Honestly, I want someone who works for the game to come and leak everything in a PM to myself. I don't want to sound...
  11. robotman

    Name 1 Disney and 1 Original World that you'd be shocked to see as a playable world in KH3

    Disney: Cars - Just no... Ewww. No way, that's not happening, can you imagine Sora and the gang turning into automobiles? Original: Destiny Islands - At this point it might as well only be known a cut-scene world. I really want Destiny Island to be playable but I just don't see it happening...
  12. robotman

    Anyone else annoyed that they're not overwhelmed with information?

    They said that we'd be overwhelmed and that it'd be hard to keep up, yet here I am literally checking this site once a day to find new info and there's none >_>... Anyone else feeling like me? I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but... I'm complaining lol.
  13. robotman

    If Wreck-It Ralph does end up being a world, who'll be the party members?

    I don't think that Wreck-It Ralph is going to be a world seeing as the main character has already been revealed as a summon but if it does some how miraculously end up being a world who will be the party members? Fix It Felix? Sergeant? Vanellope? Ralph (unlikely)? Or do you think it could be...
  14. robotman

    Do you think that they'll include a boss replay mode?

    My favourite part of the KH games is the bosses. So I'm surprised that they never implemented a boss replay mode in the games. They let you replay the data battles in KH2FM and also you can replay harder versions Hades, Cerberus and Final Fantasy characters in the Hercules world but they've...
  15. robotman

    What are the remaining Disney worlds going to be?

    Over the past few days Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean have been revealed. There's still 7 months left until the game is going to be release, so there's more than enough time for more Disney worlds to be shown off. I'm thinking that there's 3 left (including Winnie The Pooh). I reckon that...
  16. robotman

    Anyone worried about the amount of Disney worlds in the game?

    The game is going to be released this year and there's not many other places left for them to reveal Disney worlds, sure they could just drop random trailers but I don't think that they'll do that. We've already been told that the game is going to have less worlds than KH2 and it's worrying me a...
  17. robotman

    What difficulty will your first playthrough of KH3 be?

    So when the game finally comes out, what difficulty will you pick for your first playthrough? Are you going to just go for an easy ride and get used to the mechanics and story for your first time with the game? Or are you someone who wants a hard challenge? Personally, I'm going to play Proud...
  18. robotman

    What are your predictions/hopes about the final boss battle?

    Really bored so thought why not ask this question and see what you lot think. Honestly, the boss battles is what makes Kingdom Hearts so special to me. No other games will ever replicate the feeling I felt when I played the final boss in both Kingdom Hearts 1 & Kingdom Hearts 2 for the first...
  19. robotman

    Anyone else wonder about the progression of the game?

    They said that the Early game is 90% done, Middle is 60-70% done, so going by that we can kind of predict that the Late game is 30-40% done, especially because they wouldn't even give a percentage concerning the late game. Is anyone worried about how far behind they are in production...
  20. robotman

    Anyone worried that there won't be any Disney Boss battles?

    They seem to be doing a lot of their own stories for the Disney worlds in this game. A lot of them take place after or in between films and it's getting me worried about the boss fights. I don't want them to repeat what they did with The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I want to fight villains and...