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    Quick Question

    So was the "mystery game" Nomura hinted at, at E3, BBS final mix? Or is the mystery game is still to be announced?
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    Nintendo 3DS

    I dont know if anyone knows yet but it Looks like the 3DS comes out FEB 2011 for Japan and March 2011 for US, EU, others. Nintendo cuts profit, 3DS not ready for Christmas - Boston.com This is probably the wrong thread isn't it? Well at least now we know when it comes out and we'll have the...
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    Terra and Ventus Strategy For VS

    Anyone know a good strategy to fight VS with Terra and Ventus? I used the mine trick with Aqua but I want to beat VS with Terra and Ven differently. Like, whats this about the meteor strategy with Terra? Can someone explain this to me? And lol, I dont want to use the rock. Terra is a real...
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    Even More New Screenshots

    heres the link Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Screens for PSP at GameSpot they are new aren't they? I sure haven't seen any of them yet. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Most Annoying Normal Enemy

    what did you think was the most annoying random encounter enemy? no bosses just regular enemies you find afoot like dusks, shadows, bulky vendors, black fungi, soldiers, etc. you name them and why. for me i thought berserkers, assassins, and dancers were annoying cause at one point the...