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    Ansem apprentices

    Hi!! So we know that the AtW are Resurrected , are they still able to fight and to summon their weapons as well? Id like to see them as allies. What do u think ?
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    Data Vexen

    Hi all. I have a problem with Data Vexen. I just can't beat this guy. In using this strategy: keyblade : flame bond Donald : save the queen goofy : save the king basically i start by attacking him and using reflexga to counter the initial ice shurikens, When i see that the shield has low hp i...
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    Vexen vs riku

    Hi all. As we know , in KH COM , vexen fights Riku in order to obtain datas to create the replica. However , a thing really surprised me. Riku is pretty strong but , in the clip After the actual fight, it seems like Vexen is holding is own against Riku...even winning maybe! Now i wonder, how is...
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    Data and sephiroth

    Hi guys! What is the suggested level to fight sephiroth and the data. Im lvl 79 but they continue to kick my ass every single time. What should i do?
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    Drives training

    Ho guys. Im struggling with leveling up my drives. Can u give me some suggestions world where i can train theme with more ease ( expecially Wisdom and the yellow one )?
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    Aqua and Castle Oblivion

    Hi guys! So we all know that Aqua is the only one that can solve the castle's enigma. I have a few questions However. Does she see the Land of Departure as CO or as LOD itself? Moreover, since the organizarion already checked all the "visible" rooms, its highly probable that ven's chamber is...
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    13 floor

    Hi guys. My problem is that i can't Open the boss door at 13th floor cause i miss a red card ( =3 ) and i could Not find it even fighting all the heartlesses in the 13th floor. How can i do? Cause if i leave the floor it will be resetted and so ill have to re-Open all the doors but i don't know...
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    7 Guardians of Light

    Hi guys! Who is, according to you, the strongest guardian of light? This is my chart: 1) mickey : he is an incredibly skilled keyblade master, very agile and strong in melee fights and skilled as well in magic (stopza, faith, holy) 2) Aqua : she was the strongest between terra and ventus, 10...
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    13 vessels of darkness

    Hi guys. talking about the 13 vessels of darkness, we already know for sure 6 of them, even if 3 Not confirmed people can be added as well (such as Vanitas, Terranort and Riku replica ). I first thought of vexen , zexion, lexaeus and xaldin. I meant Why Not they are the creator of Org 13 along...
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    Secret Ending bbs FM KH 2.5

    Hi guys. I ve this problem. In playing proud mode with Aqua,Terra and Ven, i already cleared the 3 stories and the final episode but i could Not unlock the secret Episode ( Realm of darkness one ). I understood Why and i've already complete D aqua's sticker album with 140 p and in working for...