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    Birth by Sleep put the series into perspective

    When I first played through Kingdom Hearts 1, I was left feeling I had experienced Sora's long struggle and journey. I felt he was a great fighter and one with great courage for someone only 14. Every battle had been a challenge and felt as if it could be his last. After playing through...
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    Aqua vs. Braig (Proud Mode Help)

    Having some trouble with this one, im level 27, proud mode, good solid commands, just need a strategy - any thoughts? by the way the commands are : -Time Splicer -Aeroga -Firaga Burst -Thundaga Shot -Magnega -Curaga -Prism Rain
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    another secret ending question (sorry)

    Ive only completed Terra on proud, and am mid way thru aqua. When do we get the individual secret endings for each character??? because i didnt get it for terra and im just curious
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    KH and Comedy

    I read just a few minutes ago that "KH isn't funny", and if you laugh you're "corny as hell" While KH as a series is fairly serious, it has some moments where I occasionally find my self laughing out loud, especially in Birth by Sleep. My favorite supporting character and voice actor has always...
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    Re: CoM questions

    Re: CoM questions Hey guys, I recently replayed KH1 on expert and am in the process of finishing up KH2 on proud mode each for the second time to gear up for BbS and sort remind me of what questions I will need answered starting Sept 7th. My concern is that I have some problems following KH2...
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    Any Mac Miller fans out there?

    Recently got into his music, he's pretty nice, his new mixtape dropped and im just wondering if anyone else on here listens too
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    Re: Coded = 5,490 Yen?!?

    Re: Coded = 5,490 Yen?!? Well i did the currency conversion and that's $62.91. Does that price seem high to anyone else, considering BbS will only cost $40? Thoughts?
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    General BbS Question

    I recently purchased a PSP-1000 from a cousin and it is in essentially mint condition and has rarely been used. I have been playing demos on it, Patapon and GoW CoO. Patapon runs greats, while GoW runs into some frame rate issues. My Question is, for the people who have played the Japanese...
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    Story vs. Gameplay Discussion

    *Let me preface this by saying that, if you know the "answer" to this question because you've already played the Japanese version game, please do not respond or do so with the Spoiler annotation.* So I've recently played through KH1 and am currently playing through KH2, and have noticed like...
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    E3 PS3 exclusive....?

    E3 2010 - Live Video - IGN Live at E3 Thursday at 5:30 PDT, IGN will be there live for a viewing/play-through of an unannounced PS3 exclusive demo. Any thoughts on what it could be? My first reaction after looking through the rest of the schedule was Resistance 3, but who knows, let me know...
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    Kingdom Hearts Sora vs Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora

    So i think the title explains it all, but i recently replayed KH1 and am midway thru KH2 and i pondered this very question: Would Sora in KH1 beat Sora from KH2 at the same level, Preferably level 100? KH1 is much more weapon heavy, while I find KH2 to be much more ability heavy. This is 1v1...
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    English BbS Gamplay

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep English Gameplay Don;t know if this has been found yet, but i located it on Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3 - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania It give some good insight into the combat system aswell and some worlds - Enjoy
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    Credits Freeze, help!

    so the other day i just beat KH1 again i believe for the 3rd time, but it was the first time i tried to unlock the secret ending on expert mode. As you all know after your final save at Final Rest, there is still about another hour to an hour and a half of gameplay. Well, i completed that hour...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Proof (I think)

    Tetsuya Nomura Hints At Huge Square Enix Release... Could It Be Kingdom Hearts 3? - News - GameInformer.com well i found this gem the other day, and with the secret ending at the end of BbS and this new Cloud "cameo" i think we can very safely say KH3 will be announced at TGS or E3 this year...
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    Coded Platform?

    I have an iPod Touch and as far as i have heard Coded will be released on "Mobile" my guess for that was cell phones but maybe i don't know the meaning of this. As far as a know the iPod touch is more than capable of running the game but the controls might be tricky. Any thoughts or...